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How many grams of salt does a teaspoon hold?

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2014-01-04 03:18:12

Approximately 6 grams.

Remember "salt" or "table salt" is composed of sodium and

chloride ions.

If you are asking how much sodium is in a teaspoon of

table salt, the estimation is 2400 milligrams.

This is the substance to "count" or watch if you are limiting

your salt intake for health purposes.

The recommended daily intake of sodium is 2500 milligrams

for healthy adults.

Most of our over-intake of sodium comes from packaged

foods. Soup, packaged meals, cottage cheese, etc are relatively

high in sodium. Chips and other packaged snacks are usually pretty

high in sodium too.

Read the labels carefully!

Just a side note: 6 grams of table salt is enough to kill



I weighed 1.0 teaspoon of granular table salt several times in

grams -- one level household measuring teaspoon -- years ago using

an university electronic lab scale. I got the following:

1.0 tsp salt = 6.375 g

Table salt is sodium chloride (NaCl).

The atomic weight of Sodium (Na) = 22.99

The atomic weight of Chlorine (Cl) = 35.45

Sodium accounts for 39.3 % of the weight of sodium chloride.

I encourage you to verify the weight of one level teaspoon of

sodium chloride for yourselves.

1 gram

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