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302 g sucrose are needed.

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34.2 g sucrose will required toprepare such solution.

If you think to 2 M and sucrose the needed mass is 51,3 g.

.05 L x 342 (this is the molecular weight of sucrose) x 1.75 = 29.925g

molarity (M) = moles/litre of solution To make a 1.0 M sucrose solution, you need the molar mass of sucrose. C12H22O11 (12x12.0) + (22x1.0) + (11x16.0) = (according to wikipedia 342.30 g/mole) Take the 342.20 grams of sucrose and put it into a graduated cylinder and then fill to the 1.0 L mark with water.

No. For the physical formula ratio, of [solute:solvent] to be the same, you would have to use twice as much glucose as sucrose, to make the solution; because sucrose is a disaccharide. But, when preparing the solution, the actual weight used will be approximately the same. You have a solution, with solute sucrose, at 1C ratio. Weighing the same amount of glucose (in grams), will make a solution of 2C ratio. General expression is Glucose:Sucrose::2:1.

What mass of sucrose C12H22O11 is needed to make 500 ...

Calculate the weight of sucrose for the desired volume and concentration of the solution.

how many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500ml volume of a .5 molar solution

HCl has a molar mass of 36.461 grams per mole. This means that 72.922 grams of HCl are needed per liter of water to make a solution that has a concentration of 2M.

A solution with a 22 millimolarity will have 22 millimoles of solute per liter of solvent. This means in 100 mL, there will be 2.2 millimoles or .0022 moles. With a molar mass of 342 grams per mole, this is .7524 grams of sucrose.

To make moles in 1 litre then divide litre by 2 = 500mls therefore molecular wgt of sucrose 342.29 x 1.5m = 513.43gm of sucrose in 1ltr then divide grams by 2 = 256.71gr of sucrose in 500mls

0.22 mM=0.00022M 0.00022M x 342 (the molecular weight of sucrose)=0.07524 1/10 of a Liter is 100 mL. So 0.07524/10=0.007524 that's your answer. 0.007524 grams

Molarity=[w/GMW]*[1000/volume(in mL)] 0.5=[w/342]*[1000/100]=17.1g similarly,34.2g sucrose is to dissolved in water and made up to 100mL to make 1molar solution and 171g to make 5molar solution.

15 grams sugar per liter is the concentration, in terms of mass per volume. To express the concentration in molarity (assuming the sugar is sucrose): 15 g sucrose * (1 mole sucrose / 342 g sucrose) / 1 L = 0.0439 M aqueous sucrose

The molecular mass of Sucrose C12H22O11 is 342 a.m.u, so simply dissolve 342g sucrose in water to make the solution 1dm3.

Will have to make some assumptions with the little info given. Solid sucrose is 1.587 g/ml in density and has a mass of 342.30 grams/mole Density = grams/milliliters 1.587 g/ml = grams/250 ml = 396.75 grams/342.30 grams = 1.159 moles of sucrose

To get a 12 mass% sucrose sol'n dissolve 12.0 g sucrose in 88.0 gram (near 88 ml) of water.

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