How many homes can an individual own in Texas?

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In Texas
I believe there is no limit, just as many as you can afford!
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In Texas - if you own two homes - will both qualify for an exemption if you claim one property and your spouse claims the other?

Not Usually Possible . The homestead exemption is applicable only to the primary residence. So the only way you and your spouse could claim different homes is if you are separated and have different primary residences.. Texas is a community property state. Unless one of the properties was acquir ( Full Answer )

If you own two rental homes in Texas will they be in jeopardy if your fiance has to file bankruptcy on debts he incurred before the marriage?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nFirst, no question about it, being married to someone who then files bankruptcy, or has financial issues, can certainly affect you in many ways.\n. \nI believe (but am not sure) Texas is a community property state. I which case you can definitely have more problems, ( Full Answer )

Can a corporation be owned by an individual?

no, that would be a proprietorship which are usually grocery stores, barbershops etc. The above answer is wrong. A corporation can be owned by an individual. If a single person owns 100% of a corporations shares, they are the only owner of that corporation. Generally, a corporation is owned by more ( Full Answer )

Can someone who has a drug conviction in their past adopt a child in the state of Texas I am married own my own home and am drug free for 4 years now?

Adoption in America is so hard, it takes forever, some people wait two years or more. They put you through the ringer and then some. I would see what the application asks for, if you werent ever arrested or have any medical history of drug use, on paper, I wouldn't tell them, its none of there busin ( Full Answer )

Can I be forced to sell my home if it is jointly owned by another individual that is being sued.?

ADVICE: Go see a Lawyer!!! But also, in general, it is possible to sue an individual, and in winning, you would have a judgment listed in the courthouse of your domicile, which in most states can be turned into an action to seize personal property(anything other than real estate), or go to a differe ( Full Answer )

How many people in the US own homes?

How many people in the USA have home mortgages and how many people own homes in USA In 1960 approximately 62% of all homes were occupied by their purchasers. Since that time, and in conjunction with Carter's institution of the Community Reinvestment Act and Clinton's expansion of said Act, home o ( Full Answer )

How many homes does Donald Trump own?

Donald has 2, 4, or 6 homes depending on the sources. He tends tobuy properties and sells them when they are worth more, thus thenumber varies over time. This does not count property that heleases/rents out which does not technically count as a "home."

Can a statejail felon own a shotgun for home protection in Texas?

ADDED: Under the provisions of US Code, Title 18, it is a federal offense for a convicted felon to own or "possess" firearms of ANY type, ANY where, for ANY reason.. mIt is against the law in Texas for a convicted felon to own or possess a firearm. A State Felony (or 4th degree felony) conviction i ( Full Answer )

How many people own their own home business?

1 in every 153,700.00 people own their own businesses. However 96.2% work for someone else hence being known as an employee. Individuals that own their own business are considered to be in an elite class of citizen. Statistics show that almost all small businesses fail within the first three years. ( Full Answer )

How many Americans own homes?

God only knows. it should be stated in many major cities, the majority of the populace resides In some form of multi-unit dwellings ( apartments, but also- so-called two or three family (homes). In rural areas, the opposite is the case. One would argue the majority of residents in major cities live ( Full Answer )

How can an individual have a lien on your home?

Because the individual filed suit against you for something, won the case and obtained a judgment against you, then filed a lien at the registry of deeds. In general, the way to remove the lien is to pay what the court told you to pay.

How many homes does bill gates own?

The Bill Gates family lives in the exclusive suburb of Medina, Washington, in a huge earth-sheltered home in the side of a hill overlooking Lake Washington. \n. Billionaire Bill Gates home is a very modern 21st century house in the "Pacific lodge" style, with advanced electronic systems everywhere ( Full Answer )

Can individual own a corporation?

Most corporations are owned in whole or in part by individuals. When you buy shares of common stock, you become a partial owner of a corporation. There is no reason why one individual can't own 100% of the shares of a given corporation.

How many homes does Madonna own?

I'm pretty sure she has 2 in LA, 1 in London, 1 or 2 in NY,1 in Miami and 1 near Lake Como in Italy.

How many home-rule cities does Texas have?

"over 5000" This answer is way off. It appears to be the answer for "how many residents does a town need to be able to apply for home-rule status?", which is 5,000. The answer for the number of cities with home-rule status is closer to 300. The Texas State Historical Association reported in Ma ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of home nursing to individual?

Home nursing allows for the patient to remain at home, where they are comfortable and feel safe, during a very traumatic and painful time. That sense of comfort provided by the home could help a patient heal faster, and in the worst-case scenario, the patient would get to live out their last days at ( Full Answer )

How many children can 1 person babysit at home in Texas?

There is no limit as to how many children one can babysit, so it's up to you! However many you feel you can handle is just right. The above statement is incorrect. The maximum number is children is 6 to 1 adult (18yrs +). This is from 18 months+. .

How many kids can you watch in your home without a license in the state of Texas?

You must have a permit of some type to care for even one child on a regular basis. The type of permit will depend on the number of children you will have. If you have 1-3 children who are not related to you, you can be listed, which simply means that you have a background check done with the departm ( Full Answer )

How many times can you refinance your home in Texas?

You can only refinance your home for as long as only if you are eligible for another home refinancing. If your past home refinancing was good, you might be able to get another one but if you had a bad score on your past house refinancing attempt, you might have a hard time getting another one. Some ( Full Answer )

How is home important to an individual?

that is their shelter and home so they can have a nice bed to sleep in and get warm when winter cold gets here,it means alot to people

How many individuals in the US own a gun?

No exact number, as there are no exact records, but a best estimate is sightly more than one third of all households have at least one firearm.

When will have your own home?

When you are financially able to purchase one. In other words, if you are over 18 years of age. or, if you live in different parts of the world, it depends on what age you are classified to be responsible for yourself.

How many own homes in the US?

The rate of home ownership reached a record 67 percent of U.S. households in 1999, a figure that was expected to reach 70 percent by 2010.

Can individuals own relics of the saints?

Yes, there is nothing in Church law that prevents the laity from keeping relics. However, the relics should be kept in a safe and respectful place, such as on a home altar Be especially careful to keep them away from small children who could damage or desecrate them. If for some reason you wish to d ( Full Answer )

Do queens own their own home?

The Royal households- in the sense of say Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, belong to the state, they are Crown Property, yes, but not personal property. The Sovereign could not sell or lease them out for, say private initiation parties.. no way. In other words they are government buildings like ( Full Answer )

Does lyle lovett own a home in Anderson Texas?

there is a ranch on high way90 between Navasota and anderson texas with large letter l"s on gate. some one said it was lyles ranch. does any know for sure

Why is home schooling more individual?

Because there is pretty much only one teacher(or more) that's only teaching one or maybe two, three students.Isolated a bit unless you already have friends. It's good if you like homeschooling or is a loner.

Did popes own their own homes?

There is nothing to prevent a pope from owning a home before he iselected. However, unless that home is in the Vatican, he will haveto abandon it when he becomes pope and move to the Vatican, thetraditional home of the popes.

How can an individual learn to design their own home?

One can learn to design their own home from a variety of different resources. One could take design courses at a local college or one could watch tutorials online to help them learn to design their own home.

How many homes can you own in Skyrim?

I only have one, but I know someone who says they have three. Soit's most likely you can own all the homes that are available forsale. But you can for sure have at least 3.

What happens if your mobile home is voluntarily repossessed in Texas and it is on property that you own seperately from the mobile home?

"Voluntary repossession" basically means you're telling thelienholder "Come repossess this; I'll make it easy for you." Since the lienholder has no interest in the property, that meansthey'll come take the mobile home itself (or you could take it tothem), but the property itself won't be impacted e ( Full Answer )