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How many hours can 14- and 15-year-olds work on school days in the USA?


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8 hours a day including school, If your in school for 6 hours then you can work for 2 hours. If your in school for 5 hours then you can work for 3 hours. And you can not work any later than 7 o'clock P.m.


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A child can work for about 3 hours on school days.

If you're in school for 6 hours a day and 5 days a week, it should be about 120 hours.

Since there are about 175 school days in a year, it would be 1,400 hours, divided by 24, is about 60 days worth of school hours.

It depends on the program, but many are in school five days a week, often around the same hours as public schools are.

No. Children spend most hours of their day at school, and afterwards have many hours of homework. If school days were to be longer, homework should be banished allowing children to be able to socialise

5 days a week 6 hours a day the average school goes from 8:50am to 3pm

A minimum of 180 school days or 990 hours (K-6) and 1080 hours (7-12) are required by New Mexico state law.

from 7am to 4 pm 6 days a week

How many days in nine hours?

They get 1,146 hours per year, so just divde that by how many days of school you have.

The average school year contains 180 days. (Not including snow days, holidays, vacations, emergency days off (Like Death of a teacher, death of the principle, school fire, school shooting etc...)) The school day is between 6-8 hours depending on the area and district. So a school year has roughly 1080 - 1440 hours of education. Per semester that is 360 - 480 hours.

a student may work about .... 20 to 30 hours a week.

Usually about 6 hours of instructional time, and another hour for lunch and breaks.

Approximately 6 hours a day 5 days a week with an hours break during the day.

There are 8 days and 20 hours.

This rule applies for 14 and 15 year old teenagers in Florida:Maximum hours when school is in session:- 15 hours a week- 3 hours per day on school days- 8 hours a day Saturday, Sunday and non-school days, when school days do not follow, until 7pmMaximum hours when school is not in session:- 40 hours per week- 8 hours per day- May not work before 7am or after 9pm from June 1 - Labor DayBreaks and Six Days LimitationsAll minors should work no more than 4 consecutive hours without a 30-minute uninterrupted break and no more than six consecutive days. These limitations apply when school is in session, as well as when school is not in session.

from ages 4 to 12 Irish kids attend school for 5 hours 40 minutes a day for 184 days a year from ages 12 to 18 they attend school for 6 hours 40 minutes a day for 165 days a year.

there are 5 days and 13 hours in 133 hours

147 hours is 6 days 7.5 hours.

There are 7 Days and 7 hours in 175 hours

How many school days are in India?

How many days are in 24 business hours

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