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That depends how much the pediatrician wants to work. Some decide to work part time, either just a few hours a day or only a couple days a week, while others work very long hours and are on call at night frequently. Most physicians are able to work as much or as little as they want.

Pediatricians normally work within the ranges of 9 to 12 hours a day, depending on their experience.

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Q: How many hours do pediatricians work?
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What are normal work hours for pediatricians?

Pediatricians usually work about 50 hours a week.

How many hours does a pediatrician usually work a week?

it all depends really if you have a private practice or not but most pediatricians work 45 hours to 50 hours a week.

How many hours does a pediatrician work weekly?

Pediatricians typically work 60 hours a week, working 9-12 hour shifts. Approximately 4 days a week.

What is a general primary care pediatrician?

do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies?

Where do pediatricians often work?

Pediatricians usually work in hospitals.

Do pediatricians work on feet?

Pediatricians work on all parts of children.

Do pediatricians usually work inside or outside?

Pediatricians usually work inside.

What are the hours of work for a pediatrician?

I think its about 50 hours....But most pediatricians take off half a day or the whole day.

Do most pediatricians work in a company or for themselves?

Most pediatricians work in private practice.

Do pediatricians get days off?

Depends on where you work but most pediatricians do.

How many hours do pediatrican work?

It Depends Pediatricians that have a private practice may work around 50 hrs a week even with hospitals visits. A pediatrician may also be on call depending on the practice. But they could work more hours if they are employeed by a hospital.

What type of medicine fields do pediatricians work in?

Pediatricians work with kids. They can work in offices and hospitals. I hope this answers your question.

How many people work as a pediatrician?

more than 200,000 thousand pediatricians work in the field

What is the dress-code for working pediatricians?

pediatricians have no dress code when there at work but pediatricians in training usually wear scrubbs.

Who do pediatricians work with?


What are some facts about a pediatricians?

Some random facts about pediatricians:They see patients from birth to 18 or 21 years old.11-12 years of higher education at a minimumMost pediatricians love their jobsPediatricians make less than most other doctorsPediatricians work long, inflexible hoursPediatricians have to learn how to elicit a good history from patients who often haven't developed good verbal communication skills.

What are positives and negatives of pediatricians?

Positive: · Sense of satisfaction when a patient has been cured. · Provides a challenge. Negative: · Pediatricians may need to be on call 24 hours a day, including weekends. · Inflexible hours, such as night shifts · Pediatricians receive much lower pay in comparison to other occupations with the same work demand or of whose education length is comparable.

Do pediatricians work with machines more than people?

Pediatricians work with people much more than they work with machines.Pediatricians mainly work with people, but they use some diagnostic machines like a stethoscope, x-ray machine, etc.

What are pediatricians work conditions?

pediatrician work conditions

Do pediatricians have to work day or nights or both?

Pediatricians are a type of private doctors, therefore they can control the timing of how long they want to work. If private then, its under their choice. Pediatricians in hospitals are controlled by their supervisors.

What is the most hours pediatricians work?

While a pediatrician is in residency the work week hovers around 80 hours per week, but while in private practice it can range anywhere from 30-80 hours per week or more.

Do pediatricians only work in hospitals?


Where is a pediatricians workplace?

pediatricians usually work in a doctors office with young childrena dn babies

What are pediatricians income range?

the average annual income is about $130,000 but it depends on working hours and how many patients you have

Do pediatricians travel to work?

Yes, most of them travel to work.