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Q: How many hours is the island of Bali ahead of Ireland?
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What is the time difference between Bali and Australia?

The time difference between Bali and Australia depends upon which part of Australia you are referring to. The time difference between Melbourne and Bali is 2 hours, with Melbourne behind 2 hours ahead.

What is the time difference between Jakarta and Bali?

Jakarta is 6 hours ahead from London

What is the Time difference between Florida and Bali?

Bali is 12 hours ahead of Jacksonville and 13 hours ahead of Pensacola from the second Sunday of March until the first Sunday of November. During the rest of the year, Bali is 13 hours ahead of Jacksonville and 14 hours ahead of Pensacola.06:00 CST (in Pensacola Nov-Mar) =07:00 CDT (in Pensacola Mar-Nov) =07:00 EST (in Jacksonville Nov-Mar) =08:00 EDT (in Jacksonville Mar-Nov) =20:00 WITA (in Bali all year)

What is time different between moscow and Bali?

Bali (UTC+8) is always 5 hours ahead of Moscow (UTC+3).

What is the time in Bali?

Bali is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +8 hours, ie. 8 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. (Daylight savings not taken into account.)

How many hours from Qatar to Bali?

Currently Bali (UTC+8) is five hours ahead of Qatar (UTC+3). However, a change from three time zones to one has been proposed in Indonesia. Bali is currently in Central Indonesian Time.

What is the time difference between Brisbane and Dallas?

CORRECTED ANSWER: Neither Queensland, Australia, nor Thailand observes Daylight Saving Time (DST). There is a 3 hour time difference between Brisbane & Phuket. Example: 8 AM in Phuket = 11 AM in Brisbane.

Is Bali an island near Indonesia?

No, Bali is an island in Indonesia.

How many hours different is it from Bali to Idaho?

From the 2nd Sun. of March to the 1st Sun. of Nov., Bali (UTC+8) is 14 hours ahead of southern Idaho (UTC-6) and 15 hours ahead of northern Idaho (UTC-7).From the 1st Sun. of Nov. to the 2nd Sun. of March, Bali (UTC+8) is 15 hours ahead of southern Idaho (UTC-7) and 16 hours ahead of northern Idaho (UTC-8).4 AM PST (in northern Idaho Nov-Mar) =5 AM MST (in southern Idaho Nov-Mar) =5 AM PDT (in northern Idaho Mar-Nov) =6 AM MDT (in southern Idaho Mar-Nov) =8 PM WITA (in Bali)

Is Bali bigger than Ireland?

No. Ireland is over 14 times larger than Bali. Ireland is 84,421 square kilometres whereas Bali is just 5,780 square kilometres.

Which is an island in an archipelago Sicily Bali or Taiwan?

I believe that Bali is an archipelago island because Lombok near Bali is also an archipelago island.

If it is1am in sydney what time is it in Bali?

Sydney is two hours ahead of Bali from the first Sunday of April until the first Sunday of October and three hoursahead during the rest of the year.20:00 WITA (in Bali all year) =22:00 AEST (in Sydney Apr-Oct) =23:00 AEDT (in Sydney Oct-Apr)