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875 hours per school year

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Q: How many hours of homeschool instruction are required in Wisconsin?
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How many hours of homeschool instruction are required in nebraska?


How many hours of homeschool instruction are required in Ohio?

Usually around six hours, that's not too bad

How many hours of homeschool instruction are required in North Carolina?

the same as any other schoolday

How many hours of homeschool instruction are required in New Jersey?

The following New Jersey statutes apply to compulsory education:N.J.S.A. 18A:38-25 requires that "every parent, guardian or other person having custody and control of a child between six and 16 to ensure that such child regularly attends the public schools of the district or a day school in which there is given instruction equivalent to that provided in the public schools for children of similar grades and attainments or to receive equivalent instruction elsewhere than at school."No specific hours are required but the child must be receiving equivalent instruction.

How many hours of school instruction are required in Missouri?

1000 hours a year. 600 must be in the 5 main subjects

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I am homeschooled of the first year in my life. I don't like the one that we have which is aop monarch so I don't think you should get that. Do paper cuz I have to stare I at a scene for hours at a time. Mixed in with the homeschool to ex actives like dance or sports. Hope this helps!

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The FAA requires 40 hours but most people (including myself) take more instruction depending on the type of aircraft one wishes to pilot. The average is between 60 and 65 hours.

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The hours per day a student is in school depends on the school, the grade level and country. Students may be in schools between 900 and 1,000 hour of instruction per year.

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