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How many humans live on Earth?


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There are billions and billions of humans on earth.

As of Apr 24, 2011 it was just under 7 billion


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Humans live on the surface of the earth.

Humans live on the lithosphere, or the crust, of the earth.

Yes humans can live in earth because earth has oxygen.

we live on the crust of the whole earth

Most humans live of the crust of the Earth.

human beings live in the crust of the earth

== == If a giant meteoroid hit earth humans would not live any more or animals earth will die.

Homosapiens are Humans, and they live on Earth

Humans live on the crust. There are four layers, but we live on the crust.

There are over 6.9 billion people living today.

Most humans on Earth live on land, and many of them own land. Without land, humans would either have to live in underwater habitats or simply would not survive.

Humans can adapt to live anywhere on Earth and its atmosphere

About 5.2 Billion Humans exist on this earth.

god discovered earth and he allowed humans to live in it

at a minimum, just by humans alone, there are nearly seven billion, 7,000,000,000, mammals living on earth.

You can get out something to humans about the Earth we live on by writing a newsletter, holding classes or demonstrations, and by creating a webcast or website and advertising.

ther are alot of humans on the earth and there are about 6.6 million

Yes. All humans live on Earth.

COLD it is way to cold for a human/humans to live there. Earth is the perfect temperature for humans to live on and of course Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.

Because earth is the only planet that has oxygen, and earth has the most water on it, which are both necessary for humans to live.

humans that can take a lot of cold other wise humans can live there by using water to make oxygen and earth like atmosphere it already has

Given that humans are usually split along genders evenly, there are around 3.5 billion men on Earth.

Definitely, dogs go to earth. Like humans, this is where they live.

Latest figures estimate seven billion humans are on Earth today.

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