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they ignored 7 warnings

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Q: How many iceberg warnings ignored on the Titanic?
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Captain Smith of the Titanic ignored how many iceberg warnings?


How many iceberg warnings were received on the Titanic on the day of the collision?

there was 6 iceberg warnings

How many iceberg warnings did the titanic get?

As many as 7 warnings, before it was hit.

How many warnings did the captain have about the iceberg hit titanic?


How many ice warning did titanic have?

Seven warnings that were ignored.

How many iceberg warnings did the titanic ignore?

The telegraphists on Titanic received as many as seven ice warnings but several were mislabeled and thus were not seen by the Captain.

How many iceberg warnings did Titanic receive the day it sank?

Titanic received six ice warnings. Some were delivered to the captain but not all.

How many iceberg warnings did titanic receive the day of the collision?

58 is i what think

How many iceberg warnings were ignored by Captain Edward J Smith on the Titanic?

none. only 3 were important as they would not be in areas of the others. he never received 2 of them and he changed direction on the other. a 4th which was a warning of the iceberg they hit was ignored by the wireless operator.

How many iceberg warnings did the Titanic receive?

Warnings ReceivedSome think the Titanic may have received as many as 7 warnings on the day of the collision. According to history, it received 3 warnings, but 1 warning was not given to Captain Smith.Between 7 and 10.

How many iceberg warning messages were sent to the titanic?

There were 6 warnings that went to the Titanic from various ships like the Mesaba and Californian.

How many iceberg warnings were receiverd by the titanic on the of thecollisin?

To be honest, no one knows the exact amount of iceberg warnings Captain J. Smith received from other ships. But the estimation is; way too many. Captain John Smith received dozens and dozens of warning from other ships in the area, such as, "We have stopped, and are surrounded by ice." Even so, Captain Smith ignored all of these warnings.

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