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In MLB, the team that is losing must have five full innings of at bats for the game to be complete. If the home team is ahead, the game can be called in the bottom of the fifth inning and it would be considered complete since the visiting team, who is losing, has had five full innings of at bats. If the home team is losing, the game can be called in the top of the sixth inning and it would be considered complete since the home team has had five full innings of at bats.

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How many innings must be played before a rain cancellation to make a complete softball game?

4 innings are considered a complete game.

How many innings must be played in baseball before a game can be called?

A baseball game can be called at anytime. But it's only counted as an official game if they completed 4 1/2 innings and the home team is leading or 5 innings with the visiting team leading or tied.

How many outs are made before it is side away in baseball?

3 outs until you change innings...

How many innings does a game have to go before it can be canceled and still count?

5 innings

How do you put the word innings into a sentence?

He pitched for three innings and then the coach pulled him out. After nine innings of play, the score was tied. We finished only two innings before it started to rain.

How many innings must be played before calling a game for rain out?

6 innnings is a full game so if rain cancels the game after 6 innings it is considered a full game. If rain cancels the game before 6 innings the game gets rescheduled.

How many innings does baseball have to have before the game is over?

At least nine. Not necessarily. A game is official after 5 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead, or six innings if the visiting team is leading. Should rain or other unforseen occurance happens that would force the game to be stopped, the game would be over at that time and be counted as an official game.

Total outs during a regular game?

In a regular Major League baseball game, their are 9 innings. If the home team wins in 9 innings, there will be 51 outs in the game. If the visiting team wins, there will be 54 outs recorded. Of course, a game can end after 5 innings in weather or other outside influences cause the game to end before the 9 innings. This would obviously affect the number listed above. The number of outs would also increase if the game went into extra innings.

How many innings must be played before rained out?

The number of innings doesn't matter if a game is rained out, the number of innings only determines whether a game is an official game or not. A game must have played at least 5 innings for it to count as an official game and if the home team is losing then they must have the chance to bat in the bottom of the 5th inning before it counts as an official game.

How many innings before a rookie pitcher no longer a rookie?

More than 50 innings for a pitcher and more than 130 AB for a position player

How many innings can a pitcher pitch before he has to rest?

In professional baseball, as many as he wants.But see if your not talking about the Pro's then it all depends on the LEVEL, ASSOCIATION, and mainly the AGE GROUP.

How many days past due on car insurance before cancellation?

At 30 days a registered letter is sent and cancellation is effective 15 days after receipt of letter

How many innings can a pitcher pitch?

As many as he can in a game before his couch takes him out

How long does the average baseball game last or how many innings total?

The average baseball game last about 2½ to 3 hours. Most games are regular 9 inning games. It's not rare, but is still seldom to find a game that ends before the 9th inning. It is somewhat common, however, to see a game last longer than 9 innings.

In baseball how many players can get out before the game ends?

There's a minimum of 27 players getting out and the maximum is whatever cause the game can go for quite awhile if it goes into extra innings.

What is the same between cricket and baseball?

There are several similarities; they are both bat and ball games, both games have innings. Most of the differences stem from, in cricket, the ball bounces before it reaches the batter.

Did a baseball game ever get postponed due to time?

In the days before lighted stadiums, occasionally a game would be called due to darkness if it went into extra innings. But that was a pretty rare occurrance.

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No. That is why you read the contract before you sign it to see of there is a cancellation clause.

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1998: Australia lost to India by an innings and 219 runs (Kolkata). India 5-633 Decalred, and Australia managed 233 and 181.

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Each tripo booking sight and sometimes each facility sight has it's own cancellation policy. Be sure to read what that is before you finalize your reservations. Some sights you can even purchase a cancellation insurance for a small fee if you want the peace of mind that you can cancel without being stuck with the whole bill.

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What is the longest 0-0 baseball game?

The longest scoreless tie in MLB history was played on September 11, 1946 between the Cincinnati Reds and Brooklyn Dodgers. The game was called on the account of darkness after 19 innings. The MLB game that started with the most scoreless innings was played on August 1, 1918 between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Braves. The game was 0-0 through 20 innings before the Pirates scored twice in the 21st to win 2-0.