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This compound (dibromomethane) has only one form. It does not form isomers .

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How many isomers does pentanol have?

how many isomers do C5H11OH have

How many isomers of propane are there?

There are no isomers of propane.

What is the equation for the reaction involved when the bromine is mixed with the ethyne?

The chemical reactions are:C2H2 + Br2 = CH2Br2CH2Br2 + Br2 = CH2Br4

How many isomers of propene?

there are two isomers of pentene

How many isomers of C5H10?

There are 12 Isomers of C5H10

How many isomers for C5H11OH?

There are 8 isomers for C5H11OH

How many isomers nonane have?

nonane(c9h20) has 35 isomers.

How many isomers does C8 H10?

Xylene has three isomers.

How many possible Isomers of Hexene?

There are many isomers of hexene, for example, 1-hexene.

How many bonds are in CH2Br2?

There are four bonds, and they are all single covalent.

How many isomers exists for c5h9br?

9 isomers exist for C5H9Br

How many isomers does pentane form?

pentane forms 3 isomers.

What is the IUPAC name of CH2Br2?

This compound is dibromomethane.

What element is CH2Br2?

CH2Br2 is not an element, it is a compound of the three elements carbon, hydrogen, and bromine. It is formally known as dibromomethane. It is sometimes called methylene bromide.

How many isomers of c2h2cl2 are polar?

There are only two polar isomers for c2h2cl2 molecule.

How many possible isomers of heptane are there?

There are nine possible isomers of heptane. Heptane = C7H16

How many structural isomers exist with C3H5Cl3?

With the help of "Chemspider" I identified six isomers.

How many isomers are there for c3h8o?

there are 3 isomers, 1 is ether and the other 2 are alcohols

How we can know that how many isomers can be possible for pantane?

Write four isomers that share the formula of C5H10.

How many isomers for dibromobenzene?

There are 3 isomers , ortho dibromo, meta dibromo and para dibromo.

What type of isomer for C2H2Br2?

Probable you think to CH2Br2, dibromomethane.

How many cyclic isomers are there for Butene?

Two cyclic isomers are possible 1, cyclobutane and 2, methylcyclopropane.

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