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There were 4:

1)Karate Kid

2)Karate Kid Part 2

3)Karate Kid part 3

4)The next Karate Kid.

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Q: How many karate kids films are there?
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Can James Bond do karate?

In films yes

Which movies have kids in the title?

Spy Kids ( a series of films) , Karate Kid ( likewise) Kid Galahad ( about a Boxer played by, of all people, Elvis Presely, not a juvenile role! and so one.

What are the strange laws of Iraq?

In 1979 karate films were banned.

What actors and actresses appeared in Karate Kids - 1999?

The cast of Karate Kids - 1999 includes: Jane Sibbett as Fairy Princess

Which of the karate kids was George Segal in?

The old version or first version of Karate Kid.

Does Will Smith have any kids?

Yes, he does. He has 2 kids, an older son called Jaden Smith (The Karate Kid, Pursuit of Happyness, both films) and a younger daughter called Willow Smith (Whip My Hair, song).

What films has jayden smith been in?

the films that jayden smith has starred in is the karate kid and the day the earth stood still.

If you had to go to see Karate kid or toy story 3 which one would you see?

Both The Karate Kid (2010) and Toy Story 3 (2010) are great films. Although G, many agree the third Toy Storyshould be rated PG, as The Karate Kid.Both films are appropriate for kids of all ages.The Karate KidHence the title, there's violence. But nothing graphic or bloody. A few minor profanities, and a suggestive dance to Lady Gaga's Poker Face.Toy Story 3Violence, and scary, deceiving characters (mainly antagonists) and a minor romance between Ken and Barbie.For more information on both films, see Related Links.

Does self defense work for kids?

karate is the best self defence for kids

What has the author George E Anderson written?

George E. Anderson has written: 'The Kids' Karate Book & Karate Belt' -- subject(s): Karate, Karate for children, Juvenile literature

What are the release dates for Family Matters - 1989 Karate Kids - 8.8?

Family Matters - 1989 Karate Kids - 8.8 was released on: USA: 1 November 1996

What actors and actresses appeared in Karate Kids Workout - 2005?

The cast of Karate Kids Workout - 2005 includes: Neza Sarkari as herself Shariyar Sarkari as himself

Was Karate Kid a good movie?

Karate kid is a great movie of kids to watch. It's full of action.

Does studying karate restrict growth in kids?

Karate posses no more risk of injury or the stunting of growth then any other physical activity. I would suspect that this is a rumor spread by parents that don't want their kids to take karate!

Who is stronger the old Karate Kid or the new Karate Kid?

This is a trick question because true strength comes from character, and both of the karate kids are fake people.

Is karate good for kids?

It is great for kids. It gets them exercise and teaches them respect, patience and how to defend themselves.

What films have Columbia Pictures produced?

Columbia Pictures have produced great films such as: The Amazing Spider-Man, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Karate Kid, The Zookeeper and The Smurfs.

Who founded karate?

There are many differant founders of differant styles of karate. eg: GKR karate or IGK karate Sho-to-kan karate all have differant founders.

Has Johnny Depps kids been in films?

No they haven't.

What are some good karate classes in lees summit?

one good one is karate for kids there are lots more btw just google it

Was the karate kid Chinese?

No, he was an American. There are two karate kids, one from California (Daniel- that's what he was called), and one from Detroit (Jaden Smith)

How many Australians do karate?


How many many karate schools in china?

There are not many karate schools in China. The government there promotes Wushu. Karate is Japanese and the history between the two countries is not good.

Which one of will smiths kids played in the movie Karate Kid?

Jaden Smith

What movies made karate popular?

The Chuck Norris movies certainly helped! Karate Kid was a big help as well. There are many movies that drew people into martial arts in general, which includes karate. The films of Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Steven Seagal would be among the most popular.