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Old Joseph had 12 children

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Q: How many kids did Old Chief Joseph have?
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When did OLD chief Joseph live?

in the OLD days

How old was chief Joseph when he died?


Why did Old chief Joseph die?

he had natural causes

What does tuekakas mean?

Tuekakas is Old Chief Joseph, father of the Young Chief Joseph, leader of the Nez Perce' tribe that outsmarted the US calvary.

When did Old chief Joseph die?

September 1904 I got this from Wikipedia

Does Joseph Wilson Swan have any children?

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What did Joseph wear?

If it is Joseph from the old testament then , Joseph wore a coat of many colors. but the father of Jesus Joseph wore clothes shown by artists and their imagination.

Who is the leader of Nez Perce Nation?

Since native American tribes have existed for many hundreds (if not thousands) of years, the idea that one tribe will only ever have had one leader is clearly false.Secondly, native American tribes generally did not have just one chief in overall control - this is a commonly held but false idea. There were many levels of chieftainship, from temporary war party leaders to war chiefs, camp chiefs and councils of elders. Only very rarely did a chief gain enough power and support to command the entire "nation" as you call it.Some leaders of the Nez Perce (at different levels of leadership) are:Old Chief Joseph (Tuekakas)Young Joseph (Hinmahtoo-yahlatkekht)LawyerPeo-peo-mox-moxOwhiKamiakinOlikutToohoohoolsoteLooking GlassCool-cool-a-weelaYellow Bull (Chuslum-mox-mox)David Williams (Eelahweemah)Albert Waters