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Q: How many kids does Sir Douglas have?
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What was Sir Douglas Mawson's nationality?

Sir Douglas Mawson was Australian.

How many kids does Kirk Douglas have?

Kirk Douglas has 4 children

How many kids does Donna Douglas have?

Donna Douglas has 1 child

How many kids does Douglas September have?


How many kids did Sir Francis Drake have?

he had 3 kids

When did Sir Douglas Mawson die?

sir douglas mawson died october 14 1958

When was Sir Howard Douglas Hall created?

Sir Howard Douglas Hall was created in 1827.

What is sir Douglas mawsons date of birth?

Sir Douglas Mawson was born on May 5, 1882.

Did sir Douglas mawson have any brothes and sisters?

Sir Douglas Mawson had one brother and two sisters

When was Sir James Douglas Elementary School created?

Sir James Douglas Elementary School was created in 1912.

Who knighted Sir Douglas Mawson?

Sir Douglas Mawson was knighted by King Edward VII of England in 1914.

Does Stephen Douglas have kids?

Yes, Stephen Douglas has 3 kids.