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How many kids does Thomas Chauke have?

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last time i checkd he had lyk 12 children

2011-03-23 13:38:44
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How many wives does Thomas chauke have?

thomas chauke has SIX wives.

How many album does Thomas Chauke have?

28 (as in December 2008)

How many wives does thomas chauke and shinyori sisters have and also his children?


How old thomas chauke?


Is Thomas Chauke a south African citizen?

yes ,but his parents are coming from Mozambique

What is the population of Chauke?

The population of Chauke is 13,000.

When was Jackson Chauke born?

Jackson Chauke was born in 1985.

Who is Thomas Chauke?

Dr Thomas Hasani Chauke is a well known South African Tsonga Traditional music artist. He hails in Saselamani, a village along Phunda Maria Gate to Kruger National Park in Limpopo.His first album was recorded in 1980. Since then, every year he release a new album using his Shimatsatsa Series which can freely be translated as 'a beautiful wife'. To date (2013) he has Shimatsatsa No 32, Virus.Dr Chauke sings with his wives (five). His two children, Conny Chauke (Buldoza series) and Themba Chauke are also having their own albums. One of his wife also has her own albums under her own Xibombi series.Dr Chauke was honoured with a Doctorate Degree by University of Venda for his contributions in uplifted Xitsonga by his music.

What has the author W R Chauke written?

W. R. Chauke has written: 'Ntiyiso ntsena'

How many kids did Thomas Jeffersons kids have?


How many children did Thomas?

Thomas Edison had six kids

How many black kids did Thomas Jefferson have?

Thomas Jefferson had 5 black kids

How many children did Thomas Paine have?

thomas paine had 0 kids

How many kids did Thomas Adams?

Thomas Adams had seven children

How many kids did Thomas Edison have?


How many kids does thomas Paine have?


How many kids did Thomas gauge father have?

he had two kids harry and charlotte

How many kids did thomas gauge have?

3 childern

How many kids did Thomas Garrett have?

he had 1 kid.

How many children did Danny Thomas have?

he had 6 kids

Thomas Jefferson Life?

what was Thomas Jefferson Life like? how many kids did he have? how many wifes did he have? how long has he Lived?

Did Piri Thomas have kids?

Yes Piri Thomas did have kids

Who is the richest Tsonga in South Africa?

Nhlahla Ricardo Mongwe of Mongwe Holdings pty LTD. A University of Johannesburg graduate. Currently resides in Brynston Johannesburg.

How many kids did Thomas Edison have with Mary Stilwell?

They had three children, Marion, Thomas and William.

How many kids did Thomas Edison have with Mary Stilewel and what were there names?

marion thomas jr william