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There are no scientific studies on this, but many kids do get frustrated with homework.

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2015-04-10 02:31:19
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Q: How many kids hate homework out of the world?
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What is the percentage of people who hate homework?

There are no scientific studies on this but many kids are frustrated by homework.

How many kids in the world do homework?

That depends on how many get education.

How many people in the US hate homework?

Statistical information for how many students in the US hate homework is not available. You could get an idea by taking a survey of how many hate homework at your school.

How many kids in the world get too much homework?

No studies have been done, but many kids do have a lot of work to do

How many people in the world hate homework?

Well, estimated out of the amount of people in school, about 86%.

How many students have homework on weekends?

There are no studies on this but many kids do have weekend homework

How many kids have homework on weekends?

There are no studies on this but many schools do assign weekend homework.

What percent of the world hate homework?

I do not think it is possible to work out how many people hate homework without doing a world wide survey. I imagine that more people that are younger would not like homework ad think it is a waste of time where as the older generation would think it is beneficial and a reminder of what to do. Hope I could help.

Why do adults hate kids?

Most adults do not hate kid and if they do hate you they probably don't hate kids in general.editI strongly disagree, Many adults hate kids because their annoying.

Who hates homework?

I think about 3 quarters of the world hate homework and 1 quarter of the world likes it. I do not like it. Not even teachers like it. If you didn't know, teachers get homework too. Many teachers do not like homework. I know teachers who do not like homework. No, not even my principal. My principal does not like homework either. There are many bad things about homework, and there are some good things about homework. Try to research them. I don't even know why some people like homework.

How many people hate homework?

Almost Everone!

How many kids hate school lunches?

allthe kids

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