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That depends on the part of California and where in China you are trying to measure. From Los Angeles, CA to Beijing, China, it is approximately 10069 km (or 6257 miles). However, from Los Angeles to western China, it is more than 12000 km.

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Q: How many kilometers are between California and China?
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How many kilometers between California and new york?

about 8,000,000

How many square kilometers is China between?

9.707 million km²

How many kilometers is the distance between US and CHINA?


How many square kilometers is China?

China is between 9,596,961 to 9,639,688 sq. km.

How many miles will it take to get from San Josรฉ California to Beijing China?

Air miles from San Josè, California, to Beijing, China, total 5,961. That is 9,593 kilometers. That is 5,180 nautical miles.

How many kilometers is there between California and Maine?

Sacramento to Augusta is 5100 km.

How many kilometers are between los angles California and Vancouver Canada?

2056 km

How many kilometers are between Los Angeles California and Tokyo?

About 5000 km or 6000mi

How many miles are there between shanghai china and Paris France?

5,765 miles or 9277 kilometers

How many squae kilometers is Nepal?

Nepal has a land area of 147,181 square kilometers or 56,827 square miles. It is located between China and India.

How many miles are between Detroit Michigan and Nanjing China?

Air miles between Detroit, Michigan and Nanjing, China total 7,128. That is 11,471 kilometers. That is 6,194 nautical miles.

How many miles are there between Guatemala city from los angeles California?

About 2170 miles, or 3750 kilometers

How many air miles is it between Temecula California and Tacoma Washington?

Air miles between Temecula, California and Tacoma, Washington total 988. That is 1,591 kilometers. That is 859 nautical miles.

How many kilimeters from Guangzhou to Zhongshan City?

I think you mean kilometers, Zhongshan China is 594.61 kilometers southwest of Guangzhou China.

How many miles lay between Philadelphia PA and Shandong Province China?

Distance is 11,935 kilometers or 7416 miles

How many kilometres are there between china and Britain?

The distance in a straight line from China (Beijing, China) to Britain (London, England, UK) is 8137.3 kilometers(km). The distance in km converted to miles is 5056.28.

How many kilometers from California to Ghana?


How many miles from New York New York to Beijing China?

There are approximately 18,919 kilometers, or 11,751 miles between New York, New York and Beijing, China.

About how many kilometers long is the northern border of California along Oregon?

about 300 kilometers

How many miles between La Paz Baja California Mexico and Medford Oregon?

There is a distance of 2,330 kilometers (1,448 miles) between both cities.

How many miles are there between San Diego California and Cabo San Lucas Mexico?

There are 1,306 kilometers (812 miles, 705 nautical miles) between San Diego, California and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on a straight line. Driving distance is of about 1,670 kilometers (1,038 miles).

How many miles are between Beijing China and Ketchikan Alaska?

The air distance from Beijing, China, to Ketchikan, Alaska, is 4,752 miles. That equals 7,647 kilometers or 4,129 nautical miles.

How many kilometers is the perimeter of California?

3000 km

How many kilometers is it from Edmonton Alberta to Sacramento California?

It is 2,528 kilometers according to Google Maps.

How many kilometers from Winnipeg Manitoba to Beijing China?