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There are hundreds of different kinds of mice. The exact number depends on the exact location that is being studied.


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seeds of many kinds of plants

mice like to eat sweet plants, like certain kinds of flowers and tree leaves.

Most all cats will hunt and consume mice .

The lynx eats many kinds of deer, as well as smaller prey, such as hares, sheep, goats, fish, mice, voles, squirrels, and various kinds of birds.

all kinds of bugs. except SPIDERS

the Rattus rattus or the black rat

all snakes eat many kinds of rats, mice etc. Therefore I'm positive woodrats are on the menu. :)

No, hawks eat many different kinds of animals like snakes, mice, small birds, etc.

Of course! Mice can eat all kinds of fruit & vegetables to give them lots of energy. Hope this helps x

Usually wire ones as they can climb on them.

Yes it can, but only certain kinds of mice.

There is no exact number, as mice are numerous around the world. There are many, many, many mice- over one billion.

well , mice ... all kinds of mice , moles &small animals mainlyAdditional answerOne group of them is called rodents.

Mice, moles, voles, shrews, many kinds of monkeys, rats, squirrels, tapirs, bats, sloths, ocelot, jaguar and many more.

Dogs, cats, mice, rats, lizzards, cows, goats, sheep, horses, frogs, monkeys and many more.

Q: If 2 mice birth to 12 mice in a month how many in 10 months? A: 120 baby mice!

Pythons eat all kinds of animals such as mice to full deer!

all kinds of animals such as hedgehogs,foxes,birds,mice......

mice, snakes, and other kinds of very small animals

mice have 40 chromosomes.

There are many kinds of small animals that eat grass. Some of these animals are mice, rats, rabbits, geese, and guinea pigs.

Black bear, fox, raccoon, badgers, possums, squirrels, coyotes, rats, skunks and mice of many kinds

125 species of mice and rats

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