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I know of the gray, arctic, and red and u also have the timber wolf There is also a subspecies known as the Mexican wolf, though it is on the brink of extinction.

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Q: How many kinds of wolves live here and what are their names?
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Why do wolves live in a forest?

The reason why wolves live in the forest is because it said that wolves are the gardiens of the earth, and that they are here to protect it.

What kinds of wolves live in Yellowstone National Park?

Grey wolves and coyotes, which are considered to be a species of wolf

What is the differences in wolves?

The differences in wolvesThe color of their coatsWhere they liveWhat they huntThe breeds or names

What are two kinds of animal that live in family groups?

wolves, meerkats

Do all wolves live in forests?

No, there are many different kinds of wolves. Some live in arctic environments, some live in forests, some in mountains, etc. It depends on the kind of wolf.

Do wolves live in North Carolina?

Yes i am from north carolina, they only wolves that live here are red wolves, they live in the backwoods near the beach. Red wolves are smaller then a gray wolf, they look more kinda like a coyote.

What kinds of carnivores live in Connecticut?

There are a lot of carnivores that live in New Canaan. There are wolves, coyotes, and cats are in this group too.

Can you live with wolves?

there's no reason why not - Someone who lives with wolves, called Shaun Ellis, gets on fine, but you would get a scratch here and there

Is there a map of where gray wolves live?

Click here for a map of the range of the gray wolf.

Do wolves live in in the rainforest?

We guess that wolves live in the rainforest. YES!

How many kinds of wolves live in Massachusetts and what are their names?

Actually their is no type of wolf in Massachusetts's. Why, because they are extinct. Yes Grey wolves were spotted in Massachusetts many many years ago. The only wild dogs found in Massachusetts today are the Eastern coyote, Grey fox, and red fox.

Why do Arctic wolves live where they live?

The artic wolves live at the Artic :)

Do wolves live in Scotland?

Yes. Wolves do live in Scotland.

Do wolves live with others or of the same species?

Yes. They live in packs

Can wolves live with wolves?

Yes,Is the answere because Wolves live in packs with other wolves. Thats u answere!

Do wolves live underground?

yes they can live underground.

Do wolves live in Wisconsin?

Yes wolves live in Wisconsin.

Do wolves live in Europe?

Yes, wolves do live in Europe.

What wolves live in the tropical rain forest?

no wolves live there

Do wolves live in Russia?

Yes, wolves DO live in Russia.

Why are wolves endangered in Scotland?

they dont live there anymore they died out because of hunting i would of loved wolves here watching em run about but life changes

Are there wolves in the rainforest?

Yes, some wolves can live in the rainforest.

Do wolves live in the jungle?

Sorry Kirsten, wolves do live in the jungle.

Where do most wolves live?

Most wolves live in the Northern Areas

Do gray wolves live in Africa?

no.grey wolves do not live in Africa