How many layers does europa?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: How many layers does europa?
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Is europa Jupiter's moon?

Europa is one of Jupiter's many moons.

What colour is Europa?

Europa is gray with many cracks

What is europa moon made of?

Europa is covered with ice and underneath a layer of ice there is an ocean that scientists think might have life living in it. Also Europa has many cracks on it.

What planet does Europa revolve around?

Europa is one of the many moons of Jupiter (one of the four main moons).

What are the colors of europa?

it is gray with many cracks

When was Europa Europa created?

Europa Europa was created on 1990-11-14.

How do you unlock Samsung Europa after too many pattern attempts?

how can i unlock my galaxy europa after to many pattern attempts and no user name or e mail

How many satlelites does the moon Europa have?

a sattelite is a moon so therefore Europa doesnt have any moons because it is a moon.

What planet has Europa as a moon and many others?


What are the layers of a rock?

there are many layers

Europa is a moon of what planet?

Europa is one of Jupiters moons. Jupiter has many moons, but Europa is one of the four large moons that was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei (and possibly independently by Simon Marius around the same time).

Which is bigger europa or charon?

Yes. In fact Europa is bigger than Pluto!