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Q: How many lbs can mark Henry military press?
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Who is the strongest man in WWE ever?

Mark Henry is the world's strongest man... That means he is the strongest man in wrestling today.

How much can mark Henry bench press?

He can bench press around 800 pounds without a suit.

Mark Henry real name?

Mark Jerrold Henry!

Where did Mark Henry come from?

mark Henry came from Texas

Who will win john cena or mark Henry?

mark henry

Who is stronger mark henry or rey mysterio?

Mark Henry

What is Mark Henry's real name?

His real name is Mark Jerrold Henry.

Why is Mark Henry the strongest man in the world?

Mark Henry has won many titles as a powerlifter and weightlifter. He holds many records in powerlifting and weightlifting. He has squatted 953.5 pounds and deadlfted 903.9 pounds. When many of the strongest man in the world winners were asked, who they think is the strongest man in the world, many people felt that it had to be Mark Henry.

How much can WWE mark Henry bench?

Mark Henry's Powerliftting records are: 585 - Bench 953lbs - Squat 905 - Deadlift. I am not totally sure if he achieved these numbers without a lifting suit or not, but the Squat, which he lifted in high school was reported to be minimally equipped.

What is mark henery's real name?

Mark Henry's real name is Mark Jerrold Henry.

Does mark Henry have any kids?

what records did mark henry hold

How did Mark Henry die?

Mark Henry, the American powerlifter, is not dead.