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Q: How many leaves are on shamrocks?
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The Cullen's crest has how many shamrocks?

Three shamrocks on the Cullen Crest.

What is shamrocks?

A shamrock is a three leaf clover. There are very rare shamrocks, though. These ones are four leaf clovers. The four leaf clovers is the most rarest leaves ever.

Why do you were shamrocks?

The legend is that St. Patrick used its leaves as an example to show how God has 3 parts in one: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Are shamrocks and clover belong to the same plant family?

Shamrocks simply refer to four-leaved small clover-like plants. There are three species of clover and one species of medick that all grow in Ireland and normally have three leaves. Shamrocks are simply normal clover/medick that grew an extra leaf. As four leaves is not normal, they are very rare.

Are shamrocks from Ireland?

yes shamrocks are from IreLand.

Do shamrocks have flowers?

Yes, shamrocks do have flowers.

How many shamrocks does the Cullen crest have in twilight?


When was Shamrocks GAA created?

Shamrocks GAA was created in 2009.

When was Pittsburgh Shamrocks created?

Pittsburgh Shamrocks was created in 1915.

How many times did Montreal shamrocks win the Stanley cup?


When was Boston Shamrocks - AFL - created?

Boston Shamrocks - AFL - was created in 1936.

When did Boston Shamrocks - AFL - end?

Boston Shamrocks - AFL - ended in 1938.