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Q: How many legs does a wild duck have?
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How many legs in duck?

6 legs

How many legs have a duck?

Ducks have 2 legs.

How many legs does a duck have?

ducks have 2 legs ducks have 2 legs

How many legs does a Bombay duck have?


Is your pet duck a wild mallard of a domestic mallard?

If your pet duck came from a farm, chances are he is a domestic. If he came from the wild, he is a wild duck.

How many legs does a wild turkey have?

Turkeys, whether domestic or wild, all have two legs. All birds have only two legs.

How does the position of duck legs help the duck?

In certain duck species, the duck's legs are set far back on its body. This is especially prevalent in the merganser duck. These types of legs are not very advantageous on land, in fact, they make the duck "waddle" as it walks. But in the water, it helps them swim faster and with more control. This is the same with many waterbirds such as loons, grebes, and cormorants.

How many limbs does a duck have?

Your average duck has 4 limbs: 2 legs and 2 wings, all edible.

What is the duration of Agent Wild Duck?

The duration of Agent Wild Duck is 1.3 hours.

When was Agent Wild Duck created?

Agent Wild Duck was created on 2002-09-19.

What are the release dates for Wild Justice - 2010 Duck Duck Busted?

Wild Justice - 2010 Duck Duck Busted was released on: USA: 12 April 2013

How many legs and animals does a wild turkey have?

22 and a half

What are the ratings and certificates for The Wild Duck - 1984?

The Wild Duck - 1984 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG USA:PG

What is the Japanese word for duck?

Domestic Duck- Ahiru Mallard Duck- Magamo Mandarin Duck- Oshidori Wild Duck- Kamo and duck hunting is kamouchi or kamoryu

Why does a duck waddle?

It only has 2 legs.

What color does Donald Duck have on his legs?


How does the position of the duck legs in relation to the body is most suitable to how the duck moves?

The ducks legs are slanted which most probably means that it walks sideways.

What is a wild duck called?


What can you feed a wild duck?


What happens after duck eggs hatch in the wild?

duh the egg becomes a duck

How do I identify my wild baby duck?

You can't. You shouldn't keep a wild baby duck because it is illegal. You need to take it to an animal refuge.

What is the wild bird that you can eat?

A wild turkey, duck and pheasent are three wild birds that are edible.

Who wrote The Wild Duck?

Henrik Ibsen

What is the ducks scientific name?

There are many species of duck, all of which will have a different scientific name.Here are a few examples:Wood Duck or Carolina Duck - Aix sponsaMallard or Wild Duck - Anas platyrhynchosRinged Teal - Callonetta leucophrys

Are ducks wild?

Some ducks are wild and usually a duck is wild i know of at most 5 non-wild ducks