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How many lengths must you swim in a 30 meter pool to swim a mile?


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There are approximately 1609.8 meters in a mile. For a pool with a length of 30 meters, one would have to swim 53.66 lengths in order to swim a mile.


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124 lenghts ia 1 mile in a 15 meter swimming pool.

If you are looking to race the mile, then it is 1500 meters or 60 lengths.If you are looking to simply swim a mile, then it is 1600 meters or 64 lengths.

In competitive swimming, 1500 meters is considered a mile so you would need to swim 60 lengths in a 25 meter pool to swim a mile.

Since a mile is 1600 meters, you would have to swim 160 lenghts.

There is 1,609.344 metres in a mile, so to swim one mile in a 25 metre pool you would have to do 64.37 lengths or laps.

A mile is 1600m. So you would need to do 64 lengths to have done 1 mile.www.FloatingFlipper.comSwimming Q&A

You must swim 80 legnths of a 20 metre pool to swim a mile because 1 mile is 1600 metres. You must swim 80 legnths of a 20 metre pool to swim a mile because 1 mile is 1600 metres.

in a swim meet a mile is considered 1650yds and that is 66 lengths. Actually 1650 meters ~ 1 mile, not 1650 yards. There are 5280 feet in a mile, and 3 feet in a yard. 5280/3 = 1760 yards per mile. 25 yards per length, then 1760/25 = 70.4 lengths per mile. So in a 25 meter pool 66 legths = 1 mile. In a 25 yard pool 70.4 lengths = 1 mile.

64.37376 lengths to be exact. So in other words 32.1870 laps. Have fun buddy.

1 Mile = 1609.27 Meters 1609.27 / 30 = 54 Single Lengths So 27 Return Laps Happy Swimming

Twenty in a 50 meter pool (Olympic), or 40 in a 25 yard pool (collegiate). However, there is no 1 km race in an olympic pool, it is either an 800 meter or a 1500 meter, which they call the mile.

A mile is 1600m. So you would need to do 64 lengths to have done 1 mile.Which is 32 laps.32 Laps (down and back) = 1 mile64 Lengths ( 64 lengths X 25 meters/length = 1600 = 1 mile)Technically a mile is 1609 meters so you'd need to swim about 64.36 lengths if you absolutely must get to one mile exactly.There are 1,609.344 meters in a mile. Since there is confusion on what a "lap" is, I will include both a one length and two length answer.When 1 length = 1 lap, you would need to complete 64.3 laps for a mile (I would stop at 64 and call it a mile)When 2 lengths = 1 lap, you would need to complete 32.18 laps for a mile64. I think.1609 / 25 = 64 laps

Since a mile is 64 laps, (1600 meters) you would have to swim 84.8 laps.

Pools are typically in 25yd, 25m, and 50m lengths, but in the case of a 33m pool, there are 1609 meters in a mile, and 1609/ 33 = 48.75 So, 49 laps in a 33m pool would bring you a little over a mile.

1 mile = 1609m. 1609 m / 20 m / lap = 80.5 laps.

to swim 400 meters in a 25 METER pool, you must swim 16 lenghts, but to swim 400 meters in a 25 YARD pool, you must swim 17.5 lengths (so just swim 18 lengths)

There is no relation between a mile and a kilogram. actual question must be the comparision of a mile and a kilometre

An Olympic-sized pool is 50 meters long by 25 meters wide and runs to a depth of 2.0 meters. A mile is 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards, which is the same as 1,609.344 meters.1600 meters would require 32 lengths of the pool. To get to a full mile, an additional 9.344 meters would be required.AnswerThe above is true, technically. However, if you are asking how many lengths the Olympic event "the mile" is, it's actually 30, because it's the 1500. No offense intended but "technically" and in all actuality there is no swimming event currently in the Olympics called "the mile" but instead there is the 1500 meter freestyle mens (refer to Swimming | Olympic Sport | London 2012 Summer Olympics| 1500m freestyle men - Olympic.org )AnswerThese are both true, but, if you're swimming in a 25 yard pool it's 66 laps- that's a 1650. When you're swimming in a 50 meter pool, like in the olympics, it's just a little bit over 30 laps if you want to be exact, but the swimmers only swim 30 laps.

A meter has 10 decimeters. So, four meters must be 40 decimeters.

There are 100 cm in 1 meter so there must be 50 cm in half a meter. Fifty centimeters

Yes, you must drop the ball within the two club lengths and the ball must come to rest within the two club lengths.

In a 25 foot pool you must swim 221.2 laps to swim a mile. One lap is one time across the pool. A more common pool length at health clubs in the United States is 25 yards. In a pool of this size one must swim a little more than 70 laps to swim a mile. Occasionally you may find a 25 meter pool in which the number of laps is a little more than 64.

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