How many letters can a pencil write?

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Q: How many letters can a pencil write?
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How do you write 99 in letters?

you write it with ur fkun pencil

What was the purpose of the pencil invention?

The purpose of the pencil invention is to write down letters to form words.

How many ways can you rearrange the letters in the word pencil?

The number of permutations of the letters PENCIL is 6 factorial, or 720.

How many letters can a 1 cm lead write?

If you write short words (like "it" and "if") with one average pencil, you can write about 56,832,436 words. its about 28,416,218 letters.a regular pencil is about 7",thers about 3 cm in one inch,theres about 21 cm on one regular pencil.somy etimation is 676,576 letters in one cm.

How do people write grace?

With either a pen, pencil, stick of pc/mac they write the letters G-R-A-C-E.

How many miles will a pencil write?

35 miles

How many words can one pencil write?

a lot

The history of lumber crayons grease pencil wax pencil colored pencil etc used by carpenters in the 19th century is proving elusive for me Would you have any information about them?

you use it to write stories letters and paragraphs

WHY DOES Pencil lead wear out when you write with it?

when we write with a pencil the lid will going to complete because of that the pencil will wear out.......

How many words can an average 2 pencil write?


Why notebook and pencil is important?

Notebook and pencil are important because sometimes people need to take notes. Another reason is because people write letters to other people. Hope this helped. :)

How many words can you make out of the word pencil with five letters?

only one: cline

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