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The Latin alphabet varies in length, according to the language that uses it. If you mean the Latin version of the Latin Alphabet, it has 23 letters.

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Q: How many letters were are the Latin alphabet?
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How many letters does the somali alphabet have?

The Somali Latin alphabet has 32 letters. The Somali Osmanya alphabet has 22 letters.

How many letters are in the latin alphabet?

There are 23 letters in the original Latin Alphabet.

How many letters in croatian alphabet?


How many letters in the word alphabet?

There are 8 letters in alphabet, or 7 "unique" letters (A appears twice). There are 26 letters in the English (Roman/Latin) alphabet.

How many letters are there?

There are 26 letters in the English version of the Latin alphabet.

How many letters does the Latin alphabet have?

only 23

How many letters are in the classical Latin alphabet?

The classical Latin alphabet consists of 23 letters.

What is the difference between the Arabic Alphabet and the Latin alphabet?

There are many differences. Here are a few: Arabic letters are connected. Latin letters are not. Arabic is written right-to-left. Latin is written left-to-write. The Arabic alphabet has no vowels. Latin does.

What do you call the alphabet of Americans?

The alphabet of Americans is the English alphabet, which consists of 26 letters from A to Z.

How many alphabet in English language?

There is only one alphabet used for English. It is called the Latin alphabet and it has 26 letters.

How many letters in Rotokas?

The Rotokas alphabet has just 12 letters, all taken from the Latin alphabet. The language itself has three distinct dialects.

How many letters in the dutch alphabet?

The Dutch alphabet consists of 26 letters, just like the English alphabet. These include the standard 26 letters of the Latin alphabet.