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35 levels

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Q: How many levels in palisade guardian 2?
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How do you change guns in palisade guardian 2?

You first have to buy weapons. Then to change weapons press the F key.

Are there cheats for Palisade Guardian 2 - Modern Combat?

yeah there is but i dont know it so if someone could help me that would be nice :)

How many levels on run 2?

there is 25 levels + the bonus levels which there is 5 bonus levels

How many levels are there in portal 2?

There are 12 chapters.________ levels

How many levels are there on dirt 2?

i think there are 99 levels

How many levels down must the commanders intent must be easy to remember and clearly understood?

Counterdrug activities are part of which operational them

How many levels are there in bike mania 2?

There Are Around About 35 Levels In Bike Mania 2

How many levels in black ops 2?

There are 55 levels in multiplayer.

How many levels does run 2 have?

there are 25 levels + 5 bonus levels so there are 30 levels in total

How many levels does Littlebigplanet 2?

It has 50 levels the story is great go buy lbp 2

How many levels are there in parking lot 2 on the website addictinggamescom?

There are 20 levels

How many levels are in park my big rig 2?

400 levels in total.