How many libertarians in congress?

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2010-07-06 08:26:43

At the below link there is also a list of all elected officials

from the party. I only noticed one who was in a position at state

level or above; Richard Sanders, State Supreme Court, Washington.

It is possible that I overlooked someone since I read each

individual listing of the 153 mentioned below. Based on that I have

concluded that there are no current Libertarian Party members in

Congress, although there are probably a few who represent something

close to a libertarian philosophy but are endorsed by another


"Elected Officials

Nationwide, there are 153 Libertarians holding elected office:

38 of them partisan offices, and 115 of them non-partisan offices.

If you know of an elected Libertarian who is not on this list,

please notify us at

General criteria: For partisan offices, the elected official

must have appeared on the ballot with the party designation

"Libertarian" -or- the elected official must currently be

registered to vote as a Libertarian. For non-partisan offices, the

elected official must be a current or former dues-paying member of

the Libertarian Party."


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