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How many light years away is Pluto?


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mabey about 10,000 light years away


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The light from Pluto reaches the Earth in 5.5 hours, a tiny fraction of a light year.

The answer to how many light years is M99 away from earth it is 25100 light years away!

No. The stars of the constellations are many light yearsfrom Earth. Pluto is only about 5ยฝ light hours from Earth.

The mean distance to Pluto is about 5,874,000,000 km; that's equivalent to 0.0006209 light-years. (As a reminder, a light-year is a unit of distance.)

it is 14,000000 light years away

How many light years away is Jupiter from Earth when there closest?

its about 2.5 million light years away

49,666,845 light years away from earth

About 580,000 light years away or less???

The sun isn't even 1 light year away it is 8 "light minutes" away which works out to be about o.ooo15 light years away

It takes a ray of light, not years, but just a few hours (about 7 hours) to reach Pluto.

The sun is not even 1 light year away. It is in fact about 8 "light minutes" away, which works out to about 0.000015 light years.

The sun is not light years away but light minutes and the sun is 8 (rounded) light minutes away from us. But if you really want to know how far away the sun is from us in light years it is 0.000015 of a light year away from us.

The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is 4.2 light years away. More distant stars are thousands or millions of light years away.

0.0000152207001522070015220700152207 light years

Barnard's Star is about 6.0 light years away from Earth.

The moon is about 0.0000000406 light years away from earth.

Pluto is six planets away from Earth counting

Do you mean light years? well its 4.26 light years away

There are many planets further away from Pluto but they do not orbit the sun so they are not part of our solar system. There are also many stars that are further away from Pluto.

The binary star Alpha Centauri is 4.3 light years away.

The polaris is 430 light years from Earth.

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