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A limerick must have 5 lines whose first two lines must rhyme with the last and whose third and fourth line must rhyme (rhyme scheme AABBA).

An example:

There was an old man from Peru

Who dreamed he was eating his shoe

He woke in the night

With a terrible fright

To find it was perfectly true.

Limericks also traditionally have a specific meter, often anapestic (u u /), and there are usually three metered feet (three syllables each) in lines 1, 2 and 5, and two metered feet in lines 3 and 4, although the exact syllables and meter vary a little... getting the rhythm of the lines is more important, and so we might say a word faster or slower as we fall into the rhythm of it. In the example above, for instance, there are only 5 syllables in line 4 and 6 syllables in line 5. But in saying it, we have a tendency to draw out the "woke" almost like it were the word "awoke," to make it fit the meter. Lines 1, 2, and 5 in this example also only have eight syllables because of the catalectic (headless) feet at the beginning of each line.

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Q: How many lines are in a limerick poem?
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How many lines in a limerick poem?


What is a funny poem that has five lines?

A Limerick.

What type of poem has five lines?


How many lines are there in a limerick?

There is 5 lines in a limerick.

What is the difference between an ode poem and a limerick poem?

An ode is a long poem. A limerick is always 5 lines with a particular rhyming scheme (AABBA).

Are all the lines the same length in a limerick poem?

All lines are not the same length in a limerick poem. To be a limerick, the first, second, and fifth lines have three metrical feet and lines three and four have two metrical feet. Also, the endings of lines one, two, and five rhyme, and the endings of lines three and four rhyme.

What type of poem is a limerick?

A poem with 5 lines with a rhyme scheme of A A B B A

What is a five line poem that consists of 13 beats?

a limerick has 5 lines and consists of thirteen beats

What kind of poem has five lines and two sets of rhymes?

A limerick.

How many lines in are in a limerick?

5 lines

What is 5 L in a L short for?

5 lines in a limerick (type of poem...)

What kind of poem is it when it has to be five lines?

A quintrain. A Limerick is one type of quintrain.

How many lines of verse in a limerick?

There are 5 line of verse in a limerick.

Hwo many lines are in a limerick?

5 lines

How many lines are in a limerik?

There are 5 lines in a limerick.

What is the difference between a free verse poem and a limerick poem?

"Free verse" in poetry means "anything goes". Limerick is an established five-line format with the pattern A A b b A. A free verse poem can be two lines or four hundred. It may rhyme a little or not at all. A limerick will always have five lines and the same type of rhythym.

How many lines are in a licrick?

A limerick contains 5 lines.

What is a poem with five lines?

it could be a limerick,is that's what you are lookingfro, thought they may be others Pentameter .

What is a short humorous poem with a distinctive rhyme?

The limerick (5 lines with rhyme scheme AABBA), and a clerihew (a four line biographical poem with rhyme scheme AABB) both fit this description.

A sentence with the word limerick in it?

a sentence limerick is a limerick is a kind of poem

What is a poem that has the first two lines rhyme the next two lines rhyme and the last one rhyming with the first two?

That is a limerick.

How many lines of verse are in a limerick?

A limerick is required to have five lines. Lines one two and five must rhyme, lines three and four must rhyme

How many lines are there usually in a limerick?


How many liens are in a limerick?

A Limerick is a five line poem written with one couplet and one triplet

How many meters does a limerick have?

There are five lines in a limerick. The rhyme scheme is AABBA. Metre in poetry is the rhythmic structure of lines in a verse. A limerick uses anapestic or amphibrachic metre.