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How many liters in a ton of wheat?


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How many liters of wheat in a tonne


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23 ton wheat flour in one 20 ft container

There are 1162 liters of diesel oil in a ton. The number of liters in a ton would vary depending on the density of the liquid.

One bushel of wheat = about 35.24 liters.

33 1/3 bushels of wheat makes one ton.

one metric ton furance oil = 1120 liters

there are 1,125 litres in ton of top soil

Approx 730lts per ton1300

I believe that the answer is 37.04 bushels of wheat in one metric ton. Metric ton=2204.662 pounds Bushel of Wheat=27kg 27kg=59.5248 pounds 2204.662/59.5248=37.04

1322.76 liters of Gasoline/petrol weighs 1 metric ton. (2204.6 lbs.)

There are 1,188 liters of crude oil per metric ton

It would take 225 bushels of durum wheat to equal 1 ton of urea.

A dry bushel of wheat weighs 60 pounds. Therefore a ton of wheat will be just over 33.33 bushels. (2000 pounds/60pounds = 33.333333) This is based on short tonage 2000lbs = 1 ton

10000litres in a tonne

Typically 10,000 to 25,000 liters are used in making 1 metric ton of paper.

1 metric ton = 1087 litres, approx.

! ton of water equals 1000 liters, Charn

It depends on the grain variety, size, moisture content, and so on. Wheat averages 36 to 37 bushels per ton, barley closer to 46 bushels per ton.

How many Liters makes a 1 Metric ton

Litres is a VOLUME. Ton is a WEIGHT. Can you not see that difference

The answer will depend on which acid Their densities vary.

1kg= 1L; 1 ton= 1000kg... 17040 L= 0.059 ton if my math powers didn't fail me. hehe

1 metric ton = 1000 kg Water weight = 1 kg / liter So 1000 liters of water weights 1000 kg. Convert liters to gallons: 1000 liters / 3.785 liters/gal So 264 gallons of water weighs 1 metric ton.

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