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There were 10 tribes, but they weren't lost. What happened was, during the Babylonian captivity of 586 BCE, the 12 tribes of Israel were expelled from the land and sent to Assyria. After 70 years, 9½ of those 12 Tribes had just assimiliated into Babylonian society, leaving only 2½ tribes returning to Israel.

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Q: How many lost tribes of Israel are there?
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Who are the two tribes of Israel aside from the ten lost tribes?


Who are the lost tribes of Israel and how did their destruction come about?


How do you find out which tribe of Israel you belong to?

The ten "lost" tribes of Israel. There is no way to find out. And you may not even be descended from one of the tribes

What has the author Edward Hine written?

Edward Hine has written: 'Forty-seven identifications of the British nation with the lost Ten Tribes of Israel' -- subject(s): Lost tribes of Israel

What are the release dates for Nova - 1974 Lost Tribes of Israel 27-17?

Nova - 1974 Lost Tribes of Israel 27-17 was released on: USA: 22 February 2000

Who are the lost tribe of the bible and were they African?

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were ten of the twelve tribes of the Ancient Israelites who were defeated by the Assyrians and forcibly deported (as was common Assyrian custom). They lost their distinctive Israelite heritage. There is some speculation as to whether some of the lost tribes of Israel were African, but most people believe that the Lost Tribes of Israel merely lost their distinctive heritage and became part and parcel of other ethnic and religious groups in the Middle East.

Are whites and Chinese a part of the 12 tribes of the bible?

No. All twelve tribes are from Israel. They are known as the twelve tribes of Israel, they all descend from Abraham's grandson who was named Israel. There are some offshoot religions that claim to be one of the tribes, or a "lost tribe" of Israel, but blood tests have proven they do not descend from Israel.

When the Assyrians conquered Israel and scattered the tribes these people became known as the?

The Ten Lost Tribes of the Israelites.

When the Assyrians conquered Israel and scattered the ten tribes these people became known as the?

The Ten Lost Tribes of the Israelites.

When was Israel deported to Assyria?

Many scholars would put the timeframe as 722-718 BC. They never returned and became known as the 'lost 10 tribes' of Israel.

What did the 10 tribes of Israel become known as?

The Ten Lost Tribes.

What has the author Israel Worsley written?

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