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How many medals have been won by each country?


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I know that New Zealand has won 77 medals all up but this year 2008 they will have more because the bEIJING olympics.


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Don't ask us about "this country" tell us which country you mean. And by how many medals, I would guess you mean, how many medals in the current winter Olympics. Ask a specific question.

It depends which country you're talking about

The medal count shows people how many gold, silver or bronze medals each country has in the olympics.It shows who has the most medals. That is what the medal count is in the olympics.

the country David Liu won 10000000 gold medals

Well, many countries try to win medals as to give reputation and attraction to the country. But also the country will be proud

According to answers.com, as of the 2008 Games in Beijing 12,796 medals have been awarded in the Summer Olympics and 2,311 medals have been awarded in the Winter Olympics.

There are currently three bobsleigh events in the winter Olympics: 4-man, 2-man, and 2-woman. As a result, there are 9 medals each Games.

The country Ireland has won ten medals in 2012

Yes, there are many medals that can be won at competitions in kumite (fighting) and kata. There are usually medals for each category of age and belt groups.

There have been 8 Medals of Honor awarded since Viet Nam.

How many USA medals have been won in ice skating

12 Medals 4 each of the gold Silver and Bronze Medals

No country won that many bronze in that Olympiad.

There have Been 4 Nor Cal Medals to date

116 gold medals so far have been won

In its Winter Olympics, the United States has always been one of the strongest countries. Through the 2014 Sochi games, the country has won 87 gold medals.

There were about 100 KIA's in each country (For the Navy Seals). But for marines, there were about 1,000 in each country.

In the 2004 Summer Olympics, Canada won a total of 12 medals:3 Gold Medals6 Silver Medals3 Bronze MedalsThey were 21st overall in the total number of medals awarded per country.

There are 3; gold, silver, and bronze medals are for first, second and third place winners in each category.

there are 302 events some have 2 bronze medals instead of a playoff and teams and pairs are awarded medals to each member

37 medals overallThe US won a total of 37 medals, breaking the record for most medals won by any country at a single winter Olympic games.

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