How many mega pixels iphone 4?

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  • Video recording, HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio
  • 5-megapixel iSight camera
  • VGA-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second with the front camera
  • Tap to focus video or still images
  • LED flash
  • Photo and video geotagging
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How many mega pixels do you need to achieve a quality image?

Pixels are tiny building blocks of color in an image; the more youpixels there are, the more detailed the image will be. A mega-pixelis a set of one million pixels; most DSLR cameras have a range ofaround 10 megapixels up to a mind-blowing 50 megapixels. How many mega-pixels you have is not really ( Full Answer )

How many mega pixels does a Nikon low end camera have?

Answer . There are many different low end nikon cameras on the market, the best place to find your anwer would be either to do a internet search for your specific camera or probably the best way would be just to go to the manufactors website at .

How many pictures on 2GB memory card in 7.1 mega pixel digital camera?

Expandable memory cards can range in size from as small as 16MB, all the way up to 4GB (4 Gigabytes or 4,000,000,000 bytes / 4 billion bytes), and range in price from $20-$200. The chart below will give you a basic outline of how much memory a digital image will take up on different size cards, and ( Full Answer )

How many pictures on 2gb memory card on 4 mega pixel camera?

It depends on many factors, like quality setting the camera is on, the format that camera shoots in, and the specific camera and card. It would be helpful to have more information. Your camera should show the number of pictures remaining. However, Lexar specifies 1998: ( Full Answer )

How many pictures can a 256MG memory card hold at 7.1 mega pixels?

Think of megapixels as horsepower or whatever - it basically measures resolution and not the number of pictures a memory card can hold. This depends on: -The size photo chosen in the camera 'Menu' (eg from postcard size to A3) -The size in kilobytes of the individual photo. For example, my cam ( Full Answer )

How many pictures will a 16 GB memory card hold at 8.1 mega pixels?

Memory cards (In terms of cameras), most of the time, save digital photos taken in "JPG100" format or "RAW12" format. To tell what kind of format your digital camera saves with, upload the pictures (Or, just connect the camera) to the computer. Take a look at the image file names. If they are named ( Full Answer )

How many mega - pixels is the iPhone?

iPhone 2g -2mp iPhone 3g -2mp iPhone 3gs -3mp iPhone 4 - 5mp iPhone 4s - 8mp iPhone 5 - 8mp iPhone 5s - 8mp iPhone 6/Plus - 8mp iPhone 6s/Plus - 12mp

How many mega pixels are in 1280 by 960 Pixels?

You simply have to multiply it and then divide by 1000. Its like the 2 million pixels from Sony LCD Bravia. Its some multiplication that reaches the 2 million mark to give that unmatched picture quality.. the reason for its success.. your answer should be 1228 according to my calculation. My answ ( Full Answer )

How many 9 mega pixel pictures fit on a 512 MB sd card?

Depends on how you are storing the images. If you are storing RAW files, then it's probably 6-8MB per picture. Jpeg file size depends on the quality of the JPEG you select. It could be up to 4-5MB for the highest quality JPEGs, and just a couple of hundred KB for the lowest quality image.

How many pictures can a 32MB memory card hold in a 7.2 mega pixel camera?

If your camera is at the highest settings probably about 8 pictures. If it's at standard or lower settings I would say about 16. You definitely go ahead and buy a higher capacity memory card if you can. A 4 GB memory card is fairly cheap now and would hold over 1100 7.2 mega-pixel photographs.

How many 10 mega pixel pictures will a 1 gigabyte memory card hold?

\n. \nThe answer to your question will depend on the type of camera, how you are storing the files and how complex the images are. \n. \nIn general, you should be able to get about 200-225 pictures on a 1GB memory card, assuming that you are saving the files in JPEG format. Saving in RAW format wi ( Full Answer )

How many kilobytes are in 16 mega pixels?

Mexapixels refers to the resolution power of the sensor in the camera. Kilobytes refer to data storage. There is no direct relationship, because the type of data collected, stored and the compression (if any) will affect the size of the data file. All of those factors can and do vary.

How many mega pixels is 1MB?

Megapixels is a measure of image resolution. Megabytes are measurements of file size. They actually have no direct relationship. Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum resolution of the camera's sensor -- its ability to record detail. The number of images that can be recorded on a card of a g ( Full Answer )

16mm film is equivelant to how many mega pixels?

There is no direct relationship between film and megapixel count. One is analog (film) the other digital. In terms of printing, the best you could expect out of a 16mm negative would be a decent 3 X 4" print, at the very most, and that would be out of a well-exposed, sharp negative. Even small digit ( Full Answer )

How many mega-pixels are your eyes?

The human eye is an analog receiver, not digital. Megapixels do not(truly) apply. As digital cameras have CCDs with a number of photosites (whichdetermine the "megapixel" count of the camera, not the imagequality). The human eye has a set number of photo receptor cells.The eye has recently been mea ( Full Answer )

What is 54000 pixels in mega pixels?

1 Megapixel = 1,000,000 pixels so to find out how many megapixels, divide the number by 1,000,000: 54,000 / 1,000,000 = .054 megapixels or not very much at all, that's an image that is better suited for websites rather than printing.

How many mega pixels in 800000 pixels?

The prefix M (mega) is equivalent to 10^6 (one million). 1 megapixel = 1*10^6 = 1000000 pixels 800000 pixels = 800000/10^6 = 0.8 megapixels

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 14 mega pixel digital camera?

It would depend on what type of files the pictures are being saved in and how much compression is applied to the camera. RAW files are the biggest. A 4GB card can hold about 150~200 14MP pictures. JPEG files are smaller, and has a very wide range of compression levels. A 4GB card can hold about 70 ( Full Answer )

How many mega pixels are in a GB?

none... giga bite (GB) is a measure of memory in your device, mega pixel (MP) is the measurement for pixels.

How many mega pixels is 1000 pixels?

pixels refer to points of light that are in aphoto.A mega-pixel is one thousand pixels so when they say 1000pixels that is 1 mega-pixel

How many mega pixels does the contain?

The amount of megapixels contained can not be determined from this question, simply because the qustion does not name something for us to determine the amount from. The amount of megapixels contained from one thing to the next can be very vast.

How do you find mega pixels of iPhone?

If you don't know already, here are the resolutions of the iPhone cameras original iPhone: 2MP iPhone 3G: 2MP iPhone 3GS: 3MP iPhone 4: 5MP iPhone 4S: 8MP iPhone 5: 8MP

How many pixel equal to 4 cm?

That depends on the resolution of the screen the pixel is on. An old tv has a lot less pixels than a modern wide screen computer monitor.

How many pixels on an iPhone 5 screen?

The iPhone 5 has a 1136x640 resolution display (4 inches). If you wanted the exact amount of pixels, just add 1136 and 640 to get a total of 1176.

How many mega pixel are 100kb?

Impossible to answer as many things can affect file size.. File size of an image can vary hugely depending on compression, image content, file type and bit depth..

How many mega pixels does the Motorola RIZR Z3 Camera have?

The Motorola RIZR Z3 camera has a 2-megapixel camera. It does feature an 8x zoom and a flash. You can also change exposure lighting. It is a decent camera as long as you don't need high quality images or need to enlarge the images.

How many mega pixels is the Canon XTI Rebel camera?

There are 10.1 megapixels in the Canon XTI Rebel camera. The current model is not available on Amazon, but a newer model is available. They cost over $200 for a new camera.