How many megatons would it take to destroy the sun?

The first question is why.
The second question is also why,
The third is how far are you willing to go towards the Sun to detonate the explosion.
The fourth is like the second - why,
The fifth is how would you deliver the payload, as a central insertion would be impossible - it would disintegrate before it reached to core.
The sixth - What sort of megatons - TNT, Semtex, C4, Nuclear?
The Seventh - What sort of rocket will you use to extend the payload?
The Eighth - Where in the Sun do you intend to detonate this payload.
The Ninth - I assume you have a good lawyer, as if you do kill the Sun, there will be a billion law suites coming your way.

At the end of the day, whatever the payload you imagine, there is not enough stuff on Earth to destroy the Sun. However if you could find 5 times the mass of the Sun in hydrogen, then we could have a party