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As of 15/08/2011: PayPal has over 350 million users. The bar underneath the login section will tell you.

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84 million active users worldwide

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1000 people

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Q: How many members does PayPal have?
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Does PayPal send online coupons for their members?

Paypal is an electronic account the allows people to send and receive money safely and securely using their e-mail address. Paypal does not send vouchers or coupons for their members.

Can you sign up with PayPal over the telephone?

No. PayPal do offer telephone support for members, but registration must be done online.

How many numbers are on paypal card?

example of paypal card

What are the payment modes in neobux?

There are many payment modes in neobux. They offer payment proofs for all of their members through paypal or visa to pay for important things through their website.

Where can one find an online PayPal fee calculator?

There are many websites where one can find an online PayPal fee calculator. These websites include the official PayPal and PayPal fee calculator websites, as well as the "Fee Calculator" website.

Can or do online poker rooms accept Paypal deposits?

PayPal is synonymous with online payments. Many of us will have a PayPal account and will often use it to buy things on the net. online poker rooms that are now beginning to accept payments from PayPal. While a majority will still not take payments from PayPal.

How can a person use PayPal to purchase items from Amazon?

Amazon currently does not directly accept PayPal to be used for its purchases. However, there are many PayPal plugins that are available that may help with purchasing using PayPal from Amazon. The official PayPal website provides information on these plugins.

Can PayPal accept ideal payments?

PayPal accepts payments from many businesses and personal. For instance if you purchase an item from an online business and they don't accept paypal then you can't use your paypal account. People who want to use paypal to either purchase or send money to someone else have to open an account. You can use; visa, discovery, and other credit cards. Many businesses still don't trust paypal but I have used them for nine years with no problems at all.

What sites can you use PayPal on?

You can use paypal on many sites on which you want to do money transactions such as you want to pay money or you want to receive money. PayPal is quite a safe way to make the online payments. You need to have a credit card. There are many sites which pay through PayPal. Like online survey sites for eg:global survey market,survey spot etc. pay through PayPal

What is a good link to have an online chat with a bot?

Many company's like PayPal has started a robot to answer many of the questions i would have a PayPal or find a really rich company :)

Is PayPal Australia owned by the same company as PayPal US?

Yes PayPal Australia is owned by the same company as PayPal US. PayPal was founded in California in 1998. In 2002 PayPal was bought by Ebay. PayPal is offered worldwide.

If you have an unverified PayPal account and get gift cards for PayPal can you use your PayPal?

yes you can