How many members does PayPal have?

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As of 15/08/2011: PayPal has over 350 million users. The bar underneath the login section will tell you.
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What is Paypal?

PayPal is an online service which makes it easy to buy stuff online from thousands of websites.

How paypal works?

It is up to the buyer to decide in what manner they want to make a purchase. After deciding, Paypal safely executes the transaction by sending the money to the seller. Finally

What is PayPal in stardoll?

A paying method to get superstar. I don't use it so I am not sure how to use it :/

How do you use PayPal money to be a member on Runescape?

You go on runescape then you follow the link that say's upgrade to member, then you do pay by cash. Then they will give you some information you have to accept, after that the

How many PayPal accounts can you have?

Under the PayPal User Agreement, members are only allowed to have one Personal account, plus either one Premier or one Business account. It is also possible to register an

Why PayPal doesn't support many countries?

Paypal does support many countries. The countries which are restricted, are listed in the Wikipedia article (see relates link). There are currently only four countries not

PayPal how do you cancel your paypal?

The site just recently changed but you can still close the account fairly easily. Once logged in click "profile". Once there click a hyper link which says something to the ext

Moshi monsters becoming a member with PayPal?

To become a member using PayPal you need to go to the Moshi Monsters website, click the Membership link at the top then click Join now and follow the steps through.

What is PayPal and what is it used for?

PayPal is an electronic gateway allowing payments and transfers to be made through the Internet . PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods suc
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Does paypal have bills?

Paypal does not extend credit or offer any credit product of their own so there is no need to bill you because you need to money upfront. The exclusion to this would be certai
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Is paypal a mastercard?

No, paypal is an online application you use to shop online. A mastercard is credit
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Why does PayPal India have so many restrictions?

The government of India forced PayPal to restrict itself heavily in 2009 and 2010. Indian PayPal users could not purchase anything with PayPal money and had to move money rece
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How many times has PayPal changed its logo?

Paypal has changed it logo many times. The reason for the changes are usually because of scammers using the logo to defraud people into giving away financial details.