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they can be converted but only in units of volume

1 gallon is equal to 0.003785411 cubic meters

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1 gallon = 0.004 cubic meters.

There are 0.00455 cubic meters in one Imperial gallon.

One Imperial gallon = about 0.004546 cubic meters.

One US gallon = 0.003785 cubic meters.

There are 0.003785 cubic meters in one gallon of water.

One US gallon = 0.003785 cubic meters.

There are 0.004546 cubic meters in one UK gallon.

1 US gallon is 0.00378541 cubic meters.

.0037854118 cubic meters in 1 gallon

1 US gallon = 0.00378541178 cubic meter

1 US liquid gallon = 0.004 cubic meter

None. The units are incompatible.

1 gallon = 0.003785 cubic meters

44 gallons is equal to about 0.1666 cubic meters.

1.13 US gallons equates to 0.004277515 cubic meters.

0.208198 cubic meters per 55 gallon drum.

If you have a gallon, you only can have one gallon.

There are 4 quarters of a gallon in a gallon.

One US gallon is 3785mL One Imperial gallon is 4546mL

There are 3,785 mls in one gallon.

One US gallon is 3785.4cm3

There are 256 tablespoon in one gallon.

One thousandths of a gallon.

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