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Around 1500 miles or 2500 kilometers.

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What is the driving distance between tuscany and florence Italy?

About 90 miles.

How many miles from Kansas City mo to tuscany Italy?

5050 Miles from Kansas City MO to Pisa, Tuscany Italy.

How large in terms of miles is Tuscany Italy?

Tuscany is 8,877.6 square miles (22,993 square kilometers).

What is distance between Rome Italy to Tel Aviv Israel?

2209 miles

What river in Tuscany begins with the letter P?

Pesa is a river in the Tuscany region of Italy. It has a length of approximately 33 miles.

What is the travel distanve from Jerusalem to Italy?

The distance between Rome, Lazio, Italy and Jerusalem, Israel is 1434 miles, or 2308 kilometers.

How far is it from Israel to Italy?

Jerusalem, Israel, to Rome (Roma), Italy, is 1,432 miles. (2,304 km).

What is distance between florence and tuscany?

87 miles

How many miles from Verona to Pisa?

The driving distance from Verona, Italy to Pisa, Tuscany, Italy is 170.8 miles. The estimated driving time is 2 hours 40 minutes.

Where is Florence in Italy?

Florence is the capital of Firenze province and Tuscany region, in central Italy. It's located about 145 miles northwest of Rome.

Where is the arno river located?

The Arno River is a river in Italy. It is located in the Tuscany region and is 150 miles long.

How many miles is it from LA to Israel?

There are 6,886 air miles between LA and Israel.

How far to DRIVE from Rome Italy to jerusalem israel?

1434 miles

How many miles are between Paris and Italy?

about 895 miles between Paris France and Roma Italy

What is the distance in miles between Rome Italy and Venice Italy?

What is the distance between Turin and Venice in miles?

What is the mileage between London and Italy?

The miles between London, England and Rome, Italy, is 891 miles.

How mant miles between Rome Italy and Venice Italy?

327 miles

How many miles is it between Iran and Israel?

It is roughly 600 miles or 970 kilometers between Israel and Iran at their closest, but 970 miles or 1,5961 kilometers between Jerusalem and Teheran.

How many flying miles have in between India to Israel?

The total distance from India to Israel is 2,732 miles.

How large is Tuscany?

Tuscany is 22,993 square kilometers (8,877.6 square miles).

What is the distance between Iran and Israel?

Iran's potential targets are between 950 and 1400 miles from Israel,

What is the distance between Italy and Greece?

the distance between Italy and Greece is 646 miles

How many miles between Milan Italy and Naples Italy?

774Km / 481 Miles, by car

How many miles between Las Vegas to Israel?

7,385 miles.

How many miles between los angeles and israel?

7,592 miles.