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Q: How many miles from judea samaria?
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Distance from Judea to Samaria?

Judea is area of mountains that are located closely to Jerusalem. There is approximately 6,070 miles between Judea and Samaria, Michigan.

What is the distance from judea to samaria?

Judea is a province or region, as Samaria is a region. So it can't be from Jerusalem (city) to Samaria. The distance travelled by the Lord Jesus would be from the Jordan river in Judea to Samaria en route to Galilee. This would be considerably lesser than the distance between Jerusalem (a city which is on a height) and Samaria. He could have travelled for 5-6 hours if He had started His journey at 6 am.

Where was samaria?

Samaria is in the region that is referred to as the West Bank. To Israel, it is known as the Judea and Samaria Area.

What province is between galilee and judea?

AnswerSamaria, land of the Samarians or Samaritans.

What is the big city located at the province of judea?


What is a region north of Judea called?

Samaria was directly to the north of Judaea. Samaria was the former kingdom of Israel.

On the east what borders Samaria Judea and Galilee?

The Eastern borders of Samaria, Judea and Galilee are bodies of water....the Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, and the Dead Sea. The areas east of that were Decapolis, Perea and Arabia.

Is Bethlehem within Galilee?

A:No. Bethlehem was in the Roman province of Judea. Galilee was a different province far to the north, separated from Judea by Samaria.

What is the distance from judea to galilee through samaria?

Galilee, New Jersey is 5,794 miles away from Jordan. It would take about 12 hours to get from Galilee to the country of Jordan.

How many miles was st paul's third missionary journey?

Saint Paul's third missionary journey was approximately 2.700-miles. He was sent by the Church of Antioch, Syria, along with Timothy, Luke, and other disciples to minister to Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, and Judea-Samaria-Galilee.

What languages were spoken in Judea?

Judea was a Hebrew-speaking region until about the 5th Century BCE when it shifted to Aramaic.Today, Arabic is the main language spoken in the West Bank, which was once called Judea and Samaria.

What is the distance from Jerusalem to Samaria?

According to the Easton's Bible Dictionary it is 35 miles in a straight line from Jerusalem to Samaria.