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Boise to Juarez, about 1200 miles

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How many miles dose take to get to Mexico to Idaho?

Boise to Tijuana is about 970 miles.

What is the Driving distance from Idaho to Tijuana?

About 800 miles from the Idaho state line to Tijuana, Mexico.

How many miles across is Idaho from east to west?

305 miles: Idaho is 305 miles wide (Idaho geography from Netstate)

How many miles is it from Pocatello Idaho to Idaho Falls Idaho?

50 miles, but be sure and stop in Blackfoot, Idaho and see the Potato Expo.

How many miles from Idaho Falls Idaho to Albuquerque?

It is 831.65 miles according to MapQuest.

How many miles across Idaho?

many sights say that it is 305miles across idaho

How many miles is it from Stanley Idaho to Twin Falls Idaho?

It is 142 miles according to Google Maps.

How many square miles in Idaho county?

Idaho County is 8,502 sq miles (22,020 km²).

How many miles is Boise Idaho from bend Oregon?

It is roughly 318 miles to Boise, Idaho from Bend, Oregon.

How many miles are there from China to Idaho?

On average, there are 6,442 miles, depending on where in China you start from, and where in Idaho you want to go to.

How many miles is Cascade Idaho from Boise Idaho?

Its About 91 Miles 4000 ft over 100 Kilograms

How many miles is it from Pocatello Idaho to victor Idaho?

About 110 miles.Pocatello to Idaho Falls = 50Idaho Falls to Swan Valley = 39Swan Valley to Victor = 21

How far is it from Santa Fe New Mexico to Boise Idaho?

It is 964.53 miles according to MapQuest.

How many miles is it from Ohio to New Mexico?

How many miles is it from Ohio to New Mexico?

How many miles from Boise Idaho to Pocatello Idaho?

The driving mileage between Boise, ID and Pocatello, ID is 236 miles.

New Mexico is to Mexico as Idaho is to what?

Oregon. New Mexico was part of Mexico until 1848 and Idaho was part of Oregon until 1846.

How many hours does it take to drive from Idaho to New Mexico?

We can only estimate, as you give no city for either state. Central Idaho to Central New Mexico is about 800 miles. At an average speed of 65 MPH, you're looking at a little over 12 hours, not including stops.

How many miles from Phoenix Arizona to Guadalajara Mexico by car?

How many miles is it from Arizona to Mexico?

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