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Q: How many miles is the pony express?
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How many miles was the pony express?

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How many miles per day could a pony express rider travel?

In good conditions, the Pony Express could carry mail up to 200 miles in a day.

How many miles could mail travel on the pony express?

2000 miles in 10 days

How many days did it take the pony express to go 2000 miles?

Under fair conditions, the Pony Express riders could carry the mail 2000 miles in 10 days.

How many miles apart were the old West pony express stations?

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How long does it take for mail to travel 2000 miles by pony express?

A person on horseback can travel about 30 miles a day. The Pony Express did not ride 2000 miles when it was active. That is the length of the country.

How many people were in the pony express?


How many stations were the pony express?


How many pony's in the pony express?

There were between 400-500 ponies and horses.

Where is the pony express route?

The Pony Express route is in Illinois.

What ended pony express?

The telegraph is what ended the Pony Express

Where did the pony express?

what time was jimmy spoon and the pony express

What are facts that occurred in the pony express?

there was not a single pony on the pony express only horses.

What were the advantages of the pony express?

The pony express didn't last long, but it was thought it could deliver mail faster. It was seen as the most convient means to have east and west communicate. The pony express traveled through 8 states and covered 2000 miles.

How many letters were delivered by the pony express?


In what state are the Pony Express stables?

The Pony Express stables are in California.

Did the pony express use electricity?

No, the Pony Express used horses.

What breeds of horses were used in the Pony Express?

I was always told the Missouri Foxtrotter was the primary horse used for the Pony Express?

How long did it take Mail to travel 2000 miles in by pony express?

ten days

Why was the pony express built?

The pony express was built so pony's didn't have to travele verywhere on foot.

When did the pony express end?

October 24, 1861 is when the Pony Express ended.

When was Pony Express Bridge created?

Pony Express Bridge was created in 1983.

When did Operation Pony Express happen?

Operation Pony Express happened in 1965.

When was Pony Express Terminal created?

Pony Express Terminal was created in 1852.

What year did they stop using pony express?

What year pony express end