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~6 mi

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Q: How many miles long is an average bolt of lightning?
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How long can a lightning bolt last?

Ball lightning can last a good 5seconds to 1 minute. Your average lightning though lasts for less then a fraction of a second

How far can lightning bolts travel?

They length of a lightning bolt is 2 to 3 miles long, and they can travel twice as far as there length, so the answer is they can travel 4 to 6 miles.

How high is a bolt of lightning?

Davidmt1:Lightning is never the same height. This is because some clouds can be lower than others. Also there are two type of lighning. There is cloud to ground lightning and cloud to cloud lightning.

How long is a lightning bolt?

it depends on what it strikes

What do you call Lightning that appears as a single long line?

A lightning bolt A lightning leader A lightning strike A lightning stroke

How long can a lightning bolt extend?

from here to timbuktu

How long was Zeus lightning bolt?

At full length, it was about 20 ft. long.

What is a type of lightning that appears as a single long line called?


What is Zeus' main weapon?

Yes he had a lightning bolt as his weapons but his main weapon was his 20 foot long master bolt

How long does a bolt of lightning last?

Only about 30 microseconds. See the related link.

How long does a lightning live?

The average Lightning lives 8 years. Lightnings are cats.

Where did the expression out of the blue come from?

The full expression is: like a (lightning) bolt from the blue, meaning the rare instance of a bolt of lightning that strikes a long way from its cloudy source, seemingly out of a clear blue sky.