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How many miles long was the ancient Olympic race track?


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192 meters long.


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the ancient olympic track was called the stadion and it was 192m.

The ancient Olympics race track was 500 miles long.

it was like it is today 183m long (true)

where exactly were the Olympics held?Answer192 meters long Answerhow many miles? AnswerOLympic Answer566554

An Olympic size track is 400 meters.

The track is about 3 miles long

A regulation Olympic track is 400 meters.

A stardard olympic running track is 400 meters from the inside lane, 500 meters from the outside lane.

sprinting, long-jumping, javelin, discuss and wrestling were in the Pentathlon in the Ancient Olympic games

The Birmingham Raceway track is 0.500 miles long

The race track was 200 metres.

Road America's road course track is 4.048 miles and its Karting road course is 0.8 miles long.

Ithought it was only 200-400 yards.I HOPE I WAS GOOD ENOUGH!SHANES ANSWER

The long jump is an event that is generally performed at track and field events. It involves a person running about 20 meters and then jumping into a pit of sand. This event originated in the Ancient Greek Olympic games. It was incorporated into the modern Olympic games in 1896 for men and 1948 for women.

26 miles and 385 yards.

it all depends on the track. back in the day they raced on a track 14 miles long!

The ancient Greek Olympic sports were mostly throwing events like javlin. They also had running and long jump and high jump.

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