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How many miles of road are there in the UK?

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In January 2001 Ordnance Survey calculated that the following kilometres (miles) of road existed in Great Britain: motorways - 4 353 km (2 705.41 miles). A Roads - 48 164 km (29 934.12 miles). B Roads - 30 216 km (18 779.37 miles). minor public roads - 314 392 km (195 395.89 miles). pedestrianised streets - 278 km (172.78 miles). TOTAL: 397,403 km

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How many miles is it from Harrogate UK to York UK?

About 21.3 miles by road.

How many road miles between Cardiff and abergavenny?

The distance between Cardiff, UK and Abergavenny, UK is about 32.1 road miles.

How many Road miles between Holyhead and Swansea?

The distance between Holyhead UK and Swansea UK is about 170 road miles.

How many miles is it from Bath to Portsmouth UK?

About 85 miles by road.

How many miles is it to Paris from the UK?

London to Paris by road (and ferry!) is about 290 miles.

By road how many miles between alicante Spain and Manchester UK?

The driving distance from Alicante to Manchester is 1,471 road miles.

How many miles from Birmingham UK to Manchester UK?

The road distance is approximately 86 miles - and would take 90 minutes to drive.

How Many Miles between Ferndown and Fordingbridge UK?

The driving distance is approximately 11.4 road miles.

Road miles between London and Holyhead Wales?

Road miles between London UK to he city of Holyhead Wales UK

How many road miles is it from durham to Leicester?

The driving distance from Durham, UK to Leicester, UK is 172.05mi / 276.88km

How many miles is there between West Yorkshire UK and Newtownards UK?

a lot Or 160 miles by road and ferry according to our friends at google maps

How many miles of paved road in UK?

397,403 km / 246,988 miles (Ordanance Suvey Mapping, 2006)

Distance in miles Harlow UK to Romford UK?

The driving distance is about 20.6 road miles.

What is the distance between UK and Pakistan by road?

There are roughly 4700 miles between UK and Pakistan by road.

How many miles is it from Manchester UK to Las Vegas In Road Miles?

Uh, you can't drive from England to Las Vegas!

How far is Nottingham UK from Wolverhampton UK?

48.262 miles as the crow flies 63.983 miles by road

How far is it from London UK to York UK?

174.419 miles as the crow flies 210.281 miles by road

Road distance London UK to york UK?

202 miles / 325km

What is the road distance from Glasgow UK to Isle of Skye UK?

About 200 miles.

What is the road distance between London UK and Devon UK?

175 miles

What is the road distance between High Littleton and Bath in road miles?

About 10.4 road miles from High Littleton (Bristol, UK) to Bath.

How far is Rome from the UK?

1,775 miles on the road

How many road miles to Gibraltar from dover?

The driving distance from Gibraltar to Dover, UK is 1,419.04mi / 2283.72km

How many road miles from London to Kabul?

The driving distance from London, UK to Kabul, Afghanistan is 4,670.67miles.

What is the distance in road miles between Devon and London?

The distance between Devon, UK and London is about 223 road miles.