How many military personnel does it take to support one combat soldier?

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In todays US Army there are 7 people in support of every soldier in a combat arms field. In the USMC there are 5 in support.
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How many soldiers are in the US military?

Answer . Army 507,158\nNavy 347,693\nAir Force 347,352\nMarines 179,762\nTotal DOD 1,381,965\n. \nCoast Guard 41,002\nTotal Armed Forces 1,422,967\n. \nReserves 1,000,000\nParamilitary 53,000\nTotal for US Military 2,475,967

How many US military personnel died in World War 2?

\n . \nAccording to American War and Military Operations Casualties: \n . \n Lists and Statistics , a report by Hannah Fischer, Information Research Specialist with Knowledge Services Group, there were 405,399 U.S. military personnel killed in World War II. . Around 300,000 were from the US Army ( Full Answer )

How many US soldiers were drafted into the military?

The Selective Service System has officially inducted (drafted) 17,711,283 men into the US Armed Services over a combined 34year period (September 1917-November 1918; November 1940-February 1973).

How do military personnel used math?

Math is used in the military for navigation (Aircraft, Ships, Tanks/Infantrymen), used for elevation and windage (deflection) when firing the artillery; math is used to compute ammunition numbers, food requests, fuel consumption, parts ordering, and other logistical operations. Math is also used in ( Full Answer )

How much do military personnel make?

As far as the US Military goes... \n. A military members' pay depends on their pay grade. There are three different types of pay grades: 1. Enlisted (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, all the way up through E-9), 2. Warrant Officer (WO-1 through WO-5), and 3. Officer (O-1 through O-10). Below is a link for the ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers are in the Russian military?

Russia has over 845,000 troops and a military budget of about $1billion. It also has over 2 million reserve forces that could bemade available within a short period of time. It should be noted,the ability to join the Russian military is also open tonon-citizens from the Commonwealth of Independent S ( Full Answer )

Can military personnel vote?

Of course! Can you imagine putting hard fighting citizens in harm's way to defend us at home, and then denying them a vote? Can't happen.

Are all military personnel combatants?

Yes and no. All military personnel from any country are given basic training as combatants in case they need it, and on a few occasions they have needed it, but only a percentage of any military organization find themselves at "the sharp end." The rest of them do maintenance, push pencils, and load ( Full Answer )

What is a prison for military personnel?

In the U.S. Military, the prison for military personnel is called the Brig. EDIT: Major* sentences in the military are served at USDB at Ft. Leavenworth prison in Kansas. Female inmates are sent to the Naval Consolidated Brig in San Diego, California. *Only enlisted prisoners with sentences over ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers are in the Australian military?

Probably not a 100th of what America does.America is preparing for martial law and needs all the soldiers it can get to fight against the people the govt will threatern the family's of the military and offer them a healthy life for their services in controlling the masses.expect something simular in ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers are in the British military?

As of November 2011 the numbers are this: Army - 109,520 ( Regular ) + 33,100 ( TA soldiers ) RAF - 41,330 ( Regular ) + 1500 ( Volunteer Reserves ) Royal Navy - 36,640 ( Regular ) + 2,300 ( Volunteer Reserves ) The SDSR (The Strategic Defense and Security Review) are affecting the n ( Full Answer )

Can US military personnel have blogs?

Just to expand on my question a bit, I recentely came across a blog written by a guy in the US military. His picture showed him in full uniform and he states he is the Air Force reserve. My issue is he has some quite extreme religious views and for example calls gays 'perverts' , scientists 'stupid' ( Full Answer )

Do military personnel salute civilians?

No; that would be an awful lot of saluting and would cause a lot of confused civilians if you saluted everyone when walking down the street. But, at least in the Navy, the standard was to smile and return the salute if a civilian salutes you (as kids often do).

How many men would it take to kill one tiger in unarmed combat?

Since a tiger weighs 570-900 pounds, there would need to be quite a few strong men with good strength, like five would be enough. Two grown men (hunting skills) with sharp hunting knives could kill a tiger. One could go on the front to slash and distract the tiger while the other could go on the ba ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers in a military unit?

Military units range in size from a Fire Team to an Army, from hundreds to thousands of men.ArmyCorpsDivisionRegimentBrigadeBattalionCompanyPlatoonSquadFire Team

How many support soldiers for each combat soldier?

The estimates vary greatly on the ratio of support to combatsoldiers, but the situation has certainly improved over time. Forinstance, the American Civil War had roughly ten soldiers for everysingle support unit. World War One featured about three supportstaff for every ten soldiers. In Vietnam, the ( Full Answer )

Did us military give soldiers drugs for combat?

Probably, the navy seals are given amphetamines (speed) daily. But then again maybe not, because soldiers in Vietnam indulged into drugs like heroin and marijuana that would cause them to be jailed 5-10 years when caught and removed from the military.

What is a colonial military personnel?

When India was a colony of Britain, they would be colonial military personnel if they were in the Indian Army (Navy, etc.). When America was a colony of Britain, Americans were "Colonial Soldiers" under the Crown.

How many soldiers in a military squad?

Normally, nine, but it'll vary based on the function and manpower requirements of that squad, as well as number of personnel available.

Can US military personnel take private handguns into combat?

In Iraq and Afghanistan no, unless you are a General or something. Guys have been known to walk around with confiscated sidearms from Iraqis, but it is officially against the rules. I do not know about previous wars.

How many soldiers are in one Battalion?

A battalion is a military unit typically consisting of 300 to 900soldiers. The term has been used in nearly every Western army forcenturies.

Are steroids pescribed to military personnel?

No. In fact there was quite a crackdown on steroid use, especially with soldiers serving in the Republic of Korea, where it was much easier to acquire anabolic steroids than in the US.

Why do military personnel salute one another?

Military personnel salute each other to show respect. It is also a formal military courtesy. Usually enlisted men/women salute officers first. The officers will then either return the salute or put them at ease. In the field (i.e. combat zones) you are not supposed to salute. This is because as ment ( Full Answer )

How many us military personnel were injured in Vietnam?

Although they mean the same thing, "wounded" is traditionally associated with "hostile actions" (criminal actions, gunfights, war, etc.) while "injured" is normally associated with accidents (car, plane, boating accidents or earthquakes, etc., as some examples). Approximately 300,000 US servicemen ( Full Answer )

Do military personnel contribute to military retirement?

It works like an old-style pension, rather than a 401k. There's no explicit contributing to it. It's just part of the compensation that if you serve >=20 years and retire, you get retirement pay (which is a percentage of your last active-duty pay). Members of the military do have the option to cont ( Full Answer )

What sort of arms do combat personnel carry?

On a regular army base (i.e. not in a combat zone) combat personnel do not carry weapons on their person at all times. However, if the base is in a combat zone, all personnel are required to carry weapons. These arms can be anything from a personal weapon (pistol) to a combat ready device or assault ( Full Answer )

How can one show their appreciation to military soldiers?

There are many ways to show appreciation to military soldiers. In Kentucky, a group of quilters has committed to making 100 quilts to donate to members of the military. Online, the group A Million Thanks sends cards and letters to military members year round.

Where can one find loans for military personnel online?

There are many places where one can find loans for military personnel online. One can find loans for military personnel online at popular on the web sources such as Quicken Loans and Prosper.

How many soldiers in a military fire team?

An infantry fire team consists of four personnel - . Fire Team Leader . Automatic Rifleman (SAW gunner) . Grenadier (or Rifleman, as some unit SOPs have the Fire TeamLeader carrying the M203) . Rifleman