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Q: How many minors are in America?
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How did Mormons and minors get along?

many Mormons are minors

How many minors drink illegally?

4500 minors drink illegally regularly in the united states

How many minors die of drunk drunk driving?

too many!!!!

Can you get in trouble if you are a minor and buy beer and share it with other minors?

No. Let's see, assuming you are in America minors are under 18. You have to be 21 to legally buy or drink any alcohol. If your are in Germany, the age is 16 for beer only. But in America, they will ask for ID and they see your a minor and you can't buy it. If you are caught drinking under 21 in America, you can get in big trouble

What are emancipated minors?

Emancipated minors are minors who have been legally released from the control of their parents.

Are married minors legal adults?

No, they are still minors.

Do minors do drugs?

Most definitely minors do drugs.

How many Morris minors were made coloured pale ivory?

around 4

How many minors league baseball teams are associated with Texas rangers?


What happened to fun140?

it had to many innapropiate stories about minors like justin bieber.

How many home runs did Derek Jeter hit in 1995?

2 in the minors and 0 in the majors ... Jeter played in 123 games in the minors and 15 games in the majors in 1995.

Is there no law against minors smoking?

It is illegal for minors to smoke and also illegal to sell tobacco products to minors.