Grand Theft Auto (video game)

How many missions are in GTA-4?

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There are 90 main storyline missions.

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How many missions in gta4?


How many missions is there in GTA4?

There are 94 primary missions in GTA 4

How many levels does GTA4 have?

There are 94 missions in GTA IV.

How many missions are on gta4?

I may be off but Im pretty sure there are 94 story missions with like 30 car theft missions and about 10-14 friend missions

What are the 100 missions in gta?

To get a full rundown of the GTAIV missions, try

What happens when you kill francis or gta4?

You cannot kill "gta4" since it is not a character. However, if you kill Francis McReary in GTA4, you get two extra missions plus Francis house.

Can you become a police in gta4?

You cant you can only do the police side missions

How do you get 75 percent on GTA4?

beat the story and do some side missions.

How do you get in the garage in gta4?

finsh all of stevies import missions and bruices car stelling missions and the garage will be open

How do you skip a mission on GTA4?

You can't skip missions in gta4 but like in the in some you can choose to make deals or kill them but it will effect the game later on.

Do all of the GTAcharacters die in GTA4?

no but some do on some missions you choose who dies!

In gta4 when do you get to the second island?

hard to say as there are many different missions depending on what you do, my advice, just do all the missions you can and get to the third big island, you can have a lot more fun on new islands.

How many levels are there for GTA4?

There are over 90 playable missions in GTA IV. They all depend on what choices you take, and who gets to live.

How do you get a lamborghini in gta4?

The infernus is the lambo and you get it from bernie after completing all his missions.

How many missions in gta4 can you do in 4 hours?

probably 20-30 skipping cutscenes and tutorials, and 15-25 if you watch the cutscenes and tutorials.

Is Grand Theft Auto iv better than Grand Theft Auto iv lost and dammed?

gta4:lad has only 22 story missions... gta4 has over 100... you do the math =D

How do you get a Lamborghini in GTA4 for ps3?

You can get the Lamborghini, or the Infernus after completing all of the missions for Bernie Crane. Also, in Stevies missions, he asks you to steal one for him - apologies, but I dont know if you can steal it from there...

How do you get a date on gta4?

missions and if ur really desperate, get a car, and go beside a gurl and pick her up. u get a freebie

Cheat to go to the 2nd island in gta4?

There is no cheat you can beat the missions where you meat Playboy X it will unlock the second island

Can you skip missions in GTA4?

No, unless it is set where you have 2 choices in the story line (Eg: Killing Playboy X or Dwayne).

How do you do a job for roman in GTA4?

You can wait till he calls or you can call him to do things earleir but play far enough and you can do taxi missions for him

What is the cheat to beat all missions on gta4?

there is none, your just going to have to sit your lazy buns on a seat and play the game! :P

Is there a cheat for the infernus in gta4?

no there is not a cheat code you type into your phone you have to get one from bernie by doing missions because he gives one to you as a present in a mission

How do you get to stevies car missions in gta4?

you have to do gerry's 2nd mission or whatever that g was later in the game, and about 5 hours later brucie will call.

When was GTA4 released for the PS3?

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4) is a very popular video game for Play Station 3 (PS3). GTA4 was released on 29 April 2008. There are many satisfied users of GTA4 around the world.