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They are pregnant for around a month, like 28-32 days.

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Q: How many months do rabbits have babies?
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Do wild rabbits have babies in the fall and winter months?

No, wild rabbits do not have babies in the Fall and Winter months. They have babies during the Winter and Spring months.

How often do rabbits have babies?

Rabbits can have babies once every 2 months except it is usually on healthy for them to breed 2 times a year!

How old do male rabbits have to be to have babies?

Male rabbits are pose to be 6 months to bred. with a female rabbit.

How many weeks does it take for rabbits to have babies?

The doe needs to be 6 months to mate. But don't mate please. Millions of rabbits are exterminated because to many were bred. Adopt! Change a housebroken rabbits' life!

How many babies do a pair of rabbits usually have in one year?

rabbits can have as many babies as posibble but it is unfair to make them have too many !

What age are rabbits when they are able to have babies?

Depends on breed. But most of them can breed at 6 months.

What month do rabbits have there babies?

Wild baby rabbits are born in the months without an R in them (May, June, July, August). domestic rabbits can be born anytime.

Do rabbits lay eggs or have babies?

Rabbits have babies.

How many babies do dwarf rabbits have?


How many babies does a African have a year?

seventy rabbits

How many babies do rabbits have in each litter?

rabbits usually have 3-12 rabbits depending on the breed and size

How old do rabbits have to be to have babies?

Six months for small- to medium-sized female rabbits and eight to nine months for heavier does describes the ages when rabbits can have babies. The gestation period lasts 31 days. Does may deliver one- to 12-member litters and tend toward another gestation 24 hours to six weeks later.

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