How many months does the average American spend in their lifetime waiting?

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It is estimated that the average American spends at least three years of their life waiting. This estimate is based on a person living until the age of 70. This breaks down to an average of 62 minutes of waiting per day over a lifetime.
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How much money does the average American spend in their lifetime?

Around $2 700 000 if you work until you die. If you retire at 65 then around $2 025 000. These amounts don't include possible debt and inheritance from friends, family etc. and these amounts assume you spend every penny you make. . Open in Google Docs Viewer . Open link in new tab . Open link in ( Full Answer )

How many hours does an average American work in their lifetime?

A person will work 1775 hours in there life time...damn that's a lot!! Unfortunately this is not correct. A full-time worker in the United States work on average 2080 per year. So this would not be correct. Just doing an estimate would indicate that if someone starting working at 21 and retired a ( Full Answer )

How many hours do you spend praying in your lifetime?

It depends entirely upon your belief system.. Some don't pray at all.. Others believe that they are always praying and there are many that are in between. Some believe that prayer wheels and prayer flags send prayers on behalf of the maker all the time.

How much time does the average person spend naked in their lifetime?

It can vary. It depends on: . how long you live . your lifestyle . the weather . if you have kids . if you have lots of windows . if you care that you have lots of windows . if you live in a nudist colony An estimate: If the only time you spend naked is when you're in the shower or gett ( Full Answer )

What does an average American spend?

You can make an educated guess from a few premises: . Median personal income in USA is $32,000 . Tax rate 25%? (Not sure about the tax rate, we need a guess for average total taxes across all states and personal status - single, single parent, married couple etc.) . Savings rate is zero . Payba ( Full Answer )

How much time will the average person spend pooping in their lifetime?

Approximately four years. Do the math: Average 10 minutes a day x 7 days in a week x 365 days in a year x 80 years / 60 (convert to hours) / 24 (days) Above math is false: Cameron calculated the average time in a weekbeing 70 minutes and multiplied it by the number of days there arein a year, thusl ( Full Answer )

How much does the average person spend on the phone in a lifetime?

The time on a telephone varies drastically according to technological status and from culture to culture.. From 0 (those without phones - and there still are billions of people who do not have a phone) to probably one tenth of a lifetime (there could be some hundred thousand who attain that level). ( Full Answer )

How much does an average American spend on gas per month?

it probably depends on what type of automobile you have... for example i have a mini van and it costs about 40$ every time. i do it about 2 times so like about 100$ a month.. WOOHEE! sources: my mom

How much does the average American family spend on food in a month?

From several studies released by cnn abc etc, they show the average monthly amount spent to feed a family of 4 here in the US varies from $400 to $700. This varies due to the increased amount you spend eating out. More meals at home?.................... saves money, cleaner conditions, better quali ( Full Answer )

How many miles can a fiesta average in its lifetime?

i own a 1996 ford fiesta zetec s 1.25 and it has 113987 on the clock and the engine still runs smooth it can depend on how you drive if you dont hammer it can last up to 140000i have bin told

How many hours a day does the average American spend on social networking?

Not sure about social networking but I found this answer on: The average American adult spends eight and a half hours a day in front of a screen, whether it's on a computer, TV, mobile phone or other gadget. Users who spend the most time in front of a screen are those in the ( Full Answer )

How many hours a day does the average American spend on the internet?

It is estimated that the average American spends 32 hours a month on the internet, but this is a very conservative estimate. Older adults are unlikely to spend anytime online, whereas adults and students are likely to spend several hours online to complete school work and paid work.

How many times does the average American visit the theater a month?

Young Americans go to the theater more than adults too because of the cost. Young people can get lower prices and better discounts for students. Elderly people can get great senior discounts at theaters. The average for those ages would be about once a month and for those who are struggling maybe on ( Full Answer )

How long does the average human spend dreaming in a lifetime?

Thank you for giving such an interesting question I'm going to be pretty quick about answering...humans go through about 3-4 sleep cycles each night but we will assume four...we get dreams in REM sleep which last 20 minutes per sleep cycle...2o minutes of REM per cycle for 4 cycles gives 80 minutes ( Full Answer )

What is the average lifetime mileage on American SUV'?

My 1999 Explorer Limited Edition (8 cylinder, 5.0 Liter) crossed 240,000 about a month ago. She's definitely not in the best shape anymore, but she's still my only means of transportation right now. I live in Chicago, probably one of the toughest environments a vehicle has to endure. Hot, cold, snow ( Full Answer )

How long does an average person spend farting in their lifetime?

You figure that people fart anywhere between 10 and 20 times a day. That's about a 30 seconds per day. That's over 182 minutes (about 3 hours) per year. So on average... A 70-year-old will have spent about 9 days farting. An 80-year-old will have spent about 10 days farting. A 90-year-o ( Full Answer )

How much does an average smoker spend in a lifetime?

its all about when they started smoking but lets just say they start at age 18. they live to age 70. they smoke 1 pack a week. and a pack costs 6 bucks (these numbers can vary) I would say about 16 thousand bucks if my numbers are correct

How many hours do you spend sleeping in your lifetime?

on average you sleep 9 hours a day and there is 365 days a year so 9 X 365 = 3285 hours a year and you live for approximately 60 years so on average you sleep for 197100 hours in 60 years !

How many hours a day does the average American spend online?

The average American spends 32 hours on the internet per month. It is important to remember that this number includes all adults, many of whom may not use the internet for their work or have experience using the internet.