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I don't know why is it some one plz tell me its for school

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Q: How many mountains are there in Rio de Janeiro?
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What mountains are 1500 miles west Rio de Janeiro Brazil?

The Andes Mountains

Do they have schools in Rio de Janeiro?

Of course they have schools in Rio de Janeiro. They have many schools there!

How many miles from Miami to Rio de Janeiro?

How many miles is it to Rio DE Janeiro from Miami Florida

Where is Rio de Janerio located?

LOCATION OF RIO DE JANEIROBacked by coastal mountains and forests, Rio de Janeiro, also commonly referred to as Rio, is the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the second largest city of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is located in the south-east portion of Brazil on a strip of the Atlantic coast, close to the Tropic of Capricorn.

Who found rio de janeiro?

The Portuguese founded Rio de Janeiro

Which city is dominated by the Sugar Loaf Mountains?

Rio de janeiro - in Brazil

How many air miles from Glasgow to Rio de Janeiro?

5,890 air miles (Glasgow Intl, Glasgow, GB (GLA) to Rio De Janeiro Airport, Rio De Janeiro, BR (RIO).

What places do Brazil have to stay at?

Rio de Janeiro has many hotels including the Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacaban.

What are facts about Rio De Janeiro Harbor?

· Located around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil · Surrounded by unique mountains and formations · Also known as Guanabara Bay · Largest bay in the world based on volume of water · Rio de Janeiro translates "river of January" in Portuguese

What region of the US is Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro is not in the United States. Rio de Janeiro is located in Brazil, South America.

When was Latinos born?

Latino was born on February 2, 1973, in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What cities are part of Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro is a city itself.